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How to introduce numbers to your child?

  • December 30, 2020
  • MKB Team

It is essential for children to have an understanding of numbers. The
sooner a child can identify and comprehend numbers, the better it is
for overall development. To teach counting and numbers, one can
use the following approaches to make learning both educational and
 Convert the numbers into a work of art.
 Connect the dots.
 Tidy up by numbers
 Number your neighbourhood
 Draw using numbers
 Sing songs with numbers
The poem below illustrates one of the approaches perfectly.

5 Little Birds
1 little bird, away he flew
His wife joined him that made 2
2 little birds flying, as I could see
Along came their cousin that made 3
3 little birds flying, then it began to pour
In the rain, another joined them that made 4
4 little birds started to sing, dance and jive
An old birdie joined them and that made 5

5 little birds were tired now, needed to rest
So all the 5 birds flew together to their nest

Here’s our pick of the Top 10 Tools to Introduce Counting and
1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar -
Age- 2 years +
What it is: A big board book.
Why we love it: This has a good story with morals. It depicts the life
stages of a butterfly, numbers, days of weeks, and introduces healthy
eating habits. The caterpillar has stomach ache when it eats junk
food, and when it consumes nice green leaves it turns into a
beautiful butterfly. It enlightens children about fruits, other food,
plants, the sun, and the moon.
Average Amazon User Rating- 4.6/5

2. Wooden Number Train -
Age- 3 years+
What it is: Wooden number train set.
Why we love it: The toddler train set has 4 sliding wheels that glide
easily. The basic concepts of science, technology, math and
engineering can be taught simultaneously. This helps children learn
letters, colours and enhances motor skills, creativity and imagination.
Average Amazon User Rating- 4.2/5

3. Ten Little Fingers and ten little toes -
Age- 1 year+
What it is: Picture-book for pre-schoolers.
Why we love it: It is a celebration of the joy that baby fingers, baby
toes, and babies bring about across the world. This beautiful read-
aloud is the perfect combination of simplicity, verse and illustrations.
Average Amazon User Rating: 4.8/5

4. 3D Board Books
 Busy Train - 3D board book -
 Busy Farm - 3D board book -

Age- 18 months +
What it is: Interactive board books.
Why we love it: In the first book, explore the world of trains on an
interactive 3D trip. The second features an interactive journey
through a busy farmyard, where children learn about life on a farm.
Each page displays a different scene with splendid illustrations and
fun rhyming text.

People also ask
What is number recognition?
Number Recognition is the ability to visually recognize and name

Is 0 a counting number?
Counting Numbers are Whole Numbers, but without the zero. This
is because you can't "count" zero. So they are 1, 2, 3, 4... (and so

When should a child recognize numbers?
12 months old toddlers are able to recognize numbers. When your
toddler reaches the age of 3, they will even be able to start writing
How many numbers should a 4 year old recognize?
Your 4-year-old should be able to count 10 or more objects.
Correlating a number with an object to actually count it requires a
stronger grasp of basic math skills.

5. Touch Think Learn - Numbers -
Age- 5 years+
What it is: Touch Think Learn Book teaching numbers.
Why we love it: The child can see the image, trace its shape, and say
its name. These actions stimulate the mind to comprehend essential
concepts. Kids experience the number ‘2’ in two ways, the first by
counting a pair of raised car wheels, and by feeling its shape.
Amazon Average Customer rating- 4.4/5

6. Baby Touch and Feel Numbers -
Age- 1 year +
What it is: Baby Touch and Feel book.
Why we love it: Toddlers can learn to count to ten with the help of
bees, butterflies, clouds and lots more. The books boost sensory
development, language skills, and early reading skills. They also teach
colours, shapes, patterns, and opposites.
Amazon Average Customer Rating- 4.3/5

7. Numbers and shape sorter house puzzle
Age- 3 years +
What it is: Wooden puzzle toy.
Why we love it: This is great for kids to learn about numbers from 0
to 9, their shapes and their sorting, by putting the pieces through the
various holes provided.

8. Self-Correcting number puzzle -
Age- 4 years +
What it is: Spelling toy.
Why we love it: This has both uppercase and lowercase letters of the
alphabet and cute illustrations of animals like the dog and fish, places
like the moon and the igloo, and objects like a watch and a boat. It promotes letter, word, and colour recognition, and enhances matching, memory, and fine motor skills.
Amazon Average Customer Rating- 4.5/5

9. Lift The Flap - Numbers -
Age- 1 year+
What it is: Lift-the-flap board book.
Why we love it: Count the flamingos, zebras and monkeys at the zoo,
find the cows on the farm, match the rockets in space to their home
planets and more. Lift the flaps to discover the answers. This helps
kids learn their numbers and have fun with as many as 80+ flaps.
Amazon Average Customer rating- 4.6/5

10. Math Link Cubes -
Age- 5 years +
What it is: Math Link Cubes.
Why we love it: This is superb for counting to 100 by ones and tens,
grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. It helps kids master early
math skills.
Amazon Average Customer rating- 4.6/5

We would love to hear from you!

Write in to us if you know of a great toy that introduces toddlers to counting and numbers.

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