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MomsKnowBest are Creative Consultants. Content Creators. Marketing Enablers. Brands see us as a Parents and Kids Digital Engagement & Marketing Consultancy. A team of experts specializing in connecting Brands with Parents & Kids.

We help brands recruit brand ambassadors, who are authentic users of their products and influencers, who help build and grow the brand.

Through a portfolio of products ranging from Research to Campaign Management and extending to optimizing Amazon sales, we help Brands connect with their consumers effectively and efficiently.

  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • Linkedin
  • case study


Moms rely on other moms for Advice & Tips on Parenting. We leverage this for brands through:

  • 200000+(Moms) Facebook Surveys
  • 400+(Moms) Instagram Reviews & Ratings
  • 30Mn(Moms) MomFluencers with a reach of over
  • 300+(Moms) In-depth discussions on Zoom
  • Influencers are driving commerce across categories
  • When it comes to Kids, Pester Power drive purchase of all products
  • Kids influencer everything from Car purchase, Gadget choices to Toys

We work with India’s premium KidFluencers and MomFluencers on YouTube creating content that delivers amazing value through storytelling and best-in-class performance. Efficiency delivered through Cost Per View as low as 0.20/-

  • 100 + Campaigns
  • 2Bn + Views
  • 0.15 Cost per view

* All content creators and campaigns are GDPR and COPPA compliant and adhere to best practices when it comes to marketing to kids

We work with 500+ MomFluencers who drive commerce and opinion in the parenting space. From blogs to posts and giveaways we focus solely and singularly only on the Parenting space. Working with the top brands focused on kids and parents we are leaders in creating IMPACT through influencers. Our services extend beyond content into commerce.


We work with India’s leading Facebook groups and have our own niche groups where we offer the following engagement options:

  • Video & Static Posts
  • Polls & Surveys
  • FB Live
  • Advertorials
  • Emailers

We operate as a full-service agency from ideation to shoot and editing. With a focus on high impact content creation and top of the line production quality, we ensure that content is always compliant with brand guidelines and our work policies and content reflect our appreciation of the kids’ space, respect for their talent and global compliance with COPPA & GDPR.

Over the last 2 years we have focused only on the Kids and Parenting space. As Content & Marketing specialists in this space we understand what works for brands and how to leverage influencers to create impact.

Brand work with us on:

  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors
  • Giveaways
  • Reviews & Testimonials

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Kunal Mukherjee

MD & Co-Founder

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