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We are on your side, representing your interests. We work with India’s leading Kids and Parent focused brands across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and beyond.

Our Focus is on :-

  • Right Pricing
  • Campaign Alert
  • Media Kit Creation
  • Billing, Accounting & Agreement Services
  • Special services to help subscriber and follower growth


  • Create your own customised Media Kit with our in-house designer
  • Media Kit for Email & Whatsapp Purposes
  • Create & Email Invoices
  • Create Agreements
  • Track Collaborations
  • Edit your show reel
  • Our team of Professional editors will help you edit your Insta/Fb posts, IGTV videos or YouTube Videos
  • Create your own unique brand identity
  • Create your own logo, visiting cards letter-head, etc.
  • Forgo your blog hosting costs & host your articles on our website
  • Become a registered expert, blogger or writer today!
  • Content Ideas
  • Promote your Blog
  • Promote your Product / Service
  • Become a Brand Ambassador
  • Receive Campaign Alerts

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