Top Fertility apps to get you a step closer to motherhood!

Getting pregnant is a task in its own, but not if you have the right resources at your disposal.

Getting pregnant is the biggest joy of a couple’s life. But with the lifestyle and stress levels that accompany today’s lifestyle, getting pregnant is another challenge altogether. Every 2-week wait after potentially conceiving can seem like a lifetime and can feel unbearable when the test comes up negative once again. Right from getting fit to keeping a track of your ovulation and periods, there are a lot of apps that can help you ease this journey. MomsKnowBest is here with the best 7 apps that can help you in getting pregnant like a breeze. Let’s get started ladies!

1. Ovia Fertility

This app helps you in two ways. First, it is bang-on in calculating your cycle and the phases of it. With that, it also gives you information on topics like fertility, infertility, how and when to conceive and many more related to becoming a mother.

Available for both Android and IOS

 2. Natural Cycles

This one of a kind app helps in detecting your fertility with the help of your body temperature. How cool is that? After knowing for sure that you are pregnant, both by your apps and your doctor comes the time to plan this whole span of nine months with precision and with love. Now comes your pregnancy trackers at play.

Available for both Android and IOS

3. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

Flo makes menstrual cycle predictions based on regularly logged symptoms. For example, after adding mood parameters, Flo will find their connection to your cycle phase to try and improve your personalized period and ovulation predictions.

Flo’s interface is fresh and smooth with contemporary icons and an attractive colour scheme. Personalized health insights are provided daily, and Flo can manage lifestyle factors, such as sleep duration, water consumption, and physical activity all in one place.

Available for both Android and IOS

5. Fitbit

If you have a Fitbit fitness tracker, you could be tracking your fertility alongside your steps. In 2018, Fitbit added in-app period tracking, and if you have a Versa or Ionic Fitbit model, you can view your cycle info right on your wrist. Use the app to track your symptoms, chart your ovulation, and see connections between your activity, your sleep and your cycle.

Available for both Android and IOS

6. Glow Ovulation & Fertility Tracker

This is a complete fertility and ovulation app for every woman. It works as a smart tool and it is ranked as a top fertility tracker app in iOS store. It ensures that there are no accidents when it comes to your menstruation cycles. It is also the key to keeping an eye on your ovulation.

Available for both Android and IOS

7. Kindara

This app monitors the cervical fluid and basal temperature of the body. The monitoring allows you understand the hormone levels present in the body. It brings your fertility in your hands and gives a better understanding of your body.  It is one of the most powerful fertility charting apps.

Available for both Android and IOS

7. Expectful

It goes without saying that getting pregnant can be an emotionally draining process, both for you and your husband. Stress is the last thing you need to conceive naturally. Expectful helps release that stress in a mindful manner, with its fertility-guided meditations that can go a long way in helping you relax and hopefully conceive. (There are also meditations for those who are already pregnant or who are new moms.)

Available for both Android and IOS

Make sure you and the Mr follow a healthy lifestyle when it’s time for you to plan a family.

With the help of these apps, a healthy lifestyle and a positive state of mind, the good news is just around the corner. If there are any questions in your mind regarding conceiving naturally, do let us know in the comments below.

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Top Fertility apps to get you a step closer to motherhood!

Getting pregnant is a task in its own, but not if you have the right resources at your disposal.

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