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Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

  • November 8, 2020
  • MKB Team

What is normal delivery in pregnancy?

Normal delivery in pregnancy is bringing a baby into this world the natural way, without any surgical procedure involved. Normal delivery in pregnancy ensures a healthy baby and speedy recovery for the new mother.

When is normal delivery recommended?

A woman who is young and healthy can easily go through normal delivery. What determines a normal delivery is normal blood pressure, an active lifestyle and the position of the foetus. A normal delivery is recommended in the following cases. 

  • The foetus changes position to a head-down position and is ready for delivery between 30 to 40 weeks. 
  • The urge to urinate will increase as the pressure from the baby’s head presses down the pelvic region and squeezes the bladder.
  • An ache is experienced in the lower back as the foetus starts putting pressure on it. This is because of the positioning of the foetus to assume a head down position.
  • Vaginal discharge will increase. It could be white, pink and sometimes a bit bloodstained. This is the usual sign of a healthy, normal pregnancy.
  • Upset bowel movement is experienced because of a rise in hormonal activity, sometimes causing cramps and discomfort.
  • Soreness of the breasts is also a sign of normal delivery.

Benefits of normal childbirth delivery

Healthier for both mother and baby

Normal delivery has a faster post-delivery recovery time for moms. Babies develop a stronger immune system and digestive system as they receive protective bacteria from the birth canal. 

Facilitates breastfeeding

Babies delivered normally take to breastfeeding more easily unlike C-section deliveries where the painkillers administered pass on to the baby who displays abnormal suckling behavior after birth. The baby also has difficulty latching. 

No major surgery

Unlike a C-section delivery, normal delivery involves no major surgery. Not only do you escape going under the knife, but are also spared the many health risks that come with it like bleeding, pain, scarring, infections, and reactions to anesthesia.

Lower risk of lung problems

During a normal delivery, the muscles engaged to push the baby out can also squeeze out fluid from the baby’s lungs. This is the reason why babies born via normal delivery suffer far less from breathing difficulties.

Pregnancy Tips for normal delivery

Be stress-free

It is normal to be stressed out when you are pregnant. But try to avoid stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. This is because negative emotions make childbirth a terrible ordeal. Try meditation to calm your mind, read good books and listen to your favorite music. Choose the company of good, positive people during your pregnancy and steer clear of people and situations that make you negative or uncomfortable. 

Get Knowledgeable

Remember that knowledge is power in any situation. Read up, consult your peers, friends, your mother or other relatives and know as much as you can about pregnancy and the delivery process. Consult your gynecologist to clear any doubts that you have about pregnancy and childbirth. But also keep in mind that sometimes, too much information can be overbearing and confusing. A medical professional’s advice is to be followed.    

Build a strong support system

Emotional support is important at this juncture. Have your husband, parents, family and close friends around you when you need them the most to boost your confidence and remove your fears. 

Choose your doctor wel

Choosing the right doctor is important! It’s deplorable that many doctors convince pregnant mothers to have a C-section for their convenience or greed. Choose a doctor who manages your pregnancy in the right manner, ensuring the doctor and the hospital have a good rate of normal delivery.

Stay hydrated

Water is very important during pregnancy. Remain hydrated as you need the extra water to give you that energy and stamina for childbirth. Fresh juices and health energy drinks can also help the cause along with water.

Maintain proper posture

Sit with a proper support for your back so that there’s no added pressure on the spine during pregnancy. Fold or stretch out your legs while sitting instead of hanging them as it could result in swelling. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods, sleeping in awkward positions, and wearing stuff like high heels and belts that could misalign the body.

Avoid putting on excess weight

While a good amount of weight is helpful during pregnancy, make sure you don’t put on more weight than you need to. Being overweight or obese can lead to labor problems and might end up with a C-section delivery. Obesity can make it tough to monitor the baby during labor, making normal delivery impossible. 

Was this article helpful for you? Do you have some pregnancy tips for normal delivery? We’d be delighted if you could share them with us. Do write in!


You ask and we answer!

How can I increase my chances of normal delivery?

Sudeshna Purkait, Kolkata.

  • Practice perineal massage.
  • Try to avoid induction, if possible.
  • Stay at home until you're in active labor.
  • Be mobile in the early stages of labor.
  • Work with your natural labor hormones.
  • Practice relaxation and breathing techniques in advance.

Which exercise is best for normal delivery?

Revathy Narayanan, Chennai.

5 exercises to train for labor and delivery

  • Child's pose: This yoga pose helps lengthen pelvic floor muscles and ease discomfort. 
  • Deep squat: Deep squats help relax and lengthen the pelvic floor muscles and stretch the perineum. 
  • Quadruped cat/cow. 
  • Perineal bulges. 
  • Perineal massage.

What are the main signs of normal delivery?

Indira Sharma, Bhopal.

Look out for these signs of labor that tell you that baby's on the way:

  • Baby "drops"
  • Cervix dilates.
  • Cramps and increased back pain.
  • Loose-feeling joints.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Weight gain stops.
  • Fatigue and "nesting instinct"
  • Vaginal discharge changes color and consistency.


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