Pregnancy & Emotional Health

Pregnancy sure brings along a bucket full of mixed emotions; excitement, happiness, tensions and HUGE changes and at this point in time, you are as scared as you are happy, aren’t you? But fret not ladies, we’re here to help you successfully win at the pregnancy game and show you how you can happily enjoy every moment of this journey.

There’s absolutely no denying to the fact that pregnancy is one hell of a rollercoaster!!! One moment you’re the happiest person alive, you can’t thank your stars enough for letting you grow a little human inside you and then another moment you are flooded with tensions and anxieties. You find yourself thinking about a hundred things all at once, is this going to be too difficult? Will I be able to do it? Is my life going to change completely? Will I be able to manage my new life? Will I be a good mom? What are the things I need to buy for the baby? JUST RELAX LADIES! You have been a superwoman all your life and we are sure you’ll ace the pregnancy game too. All you need to do is take care of your mental well-being as much as your physical health. Focus on one day at a time and enjoy every moment of this journey to the fullest. After all, it’s an experience of a lifetime! So, let’s quickly discuss some issues that moms-to-be often tend to face and how to overcome them.

What are the most common problems faced by Moms-to-be?

Firstly, it has to be the Mood Swings. It is very common to have mood fluctuations during pregnancy and are majorly observed between 6 to 12 weeks and later when your body is almost ready to give birth. The main reasons for the mood swings are the physical and hormonal changes. Some moms might also have depression. You know you are depressed when you are constantly feeling sad and lose interest in basic day-to-day activities. It negatively affects how you are holding up and acting at a moment. Work stress, issues at home or many other things could cause depression in the moms-to-be. Another problem commonly faced is anxiety. When you suddenly start worrying about everything that is to come. What follows is overthinking and stressing about every activity and you often end up letting fear take over your emotions. You might be dealing with negative thoughts and lots of unreasonable questions. Many emotional changes also lead to eating disorders. Pregnant women may develop eating disorders like anorexia (eating extremely less), bulimia (over-eating) and binge eating disorder (constantly eating large amounts even when not hungry). These disorders could have adverse effects on the mental as well as physical health of the moms and their child.

Other issues commonly faced include panic attacks, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorders. If a woman is already going through any mental illness, it could get worse and more severe during pregnancy and hence appropriate measures should be taken at the right time. The mental and physical well-being can also have a direct impact on the baby’s health so moms need to be extra careful at all times. Here’s how you can deal with all these issues and maintain a healthy mind and body for you and your little one:

Most importantly, you need to sleep efficiently and rest properly. Trust us, comfortable and adequate sleep will solve half of your problems. Sleep becomes difficult while you’re pregnant, especially when your body is growing and you’re struggling to adjust with the physical changes. It’s important to understand which sleeping positions are the safest during pregnancy. Make sure to take quick naps and rest properly whenever possible. It will not only give you the required energy but also spark an interest to get other activities done. Pamper yourself the right way. Involve yourself in activities that help you de-stress like meditation, yoga, daily exercises, etc. Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your partner. Go out on dates, watch a movie, plan a babymoon or simply enjoy a new activity. It will help you feel happier and refreshed.

Disclaimer: Please take your gynaecologist’s approval before planning your Babymoon.

Don’t procrastinate and get all your baby stuff well in advance. Sit back, plan and get things one by one. No rush, no hurry! Getting things done before time will surely take away all your major stress and you’ll have more time to enjoy the journey. Talk to people that you love. Talking about your problems can help you find a solution and will also take a lot of stress off your shoulder. You will feel lighter and happier. If you’re facing anxiety or depression, seeking medical help would be the best option. There is no harm in going to a therapist and getting your mind sorted for the good.

Stress and pregnancy go hand in hand, it’s inevitable but what is important, is to tackle it the right way and to enjoy every moment. This phase could involve serious mental issues and treating them at the right time in the right way is of extreme importance for yours and your baby’s health. So, don’t shy away from seeking external mental help whenever need be. It’s absolutely normal and you must know, sometimes superwomen need a supporting hand too! Indulging in the right kind of self-care, creating proper routines, cultivating good habits and talking to a therapist can heal you in incredible ways and get you all prepared for the new and exciting chapter of your life. Want to start preparing for the baby? Here’s all that you need to know.

Now quickly tell us in the comments below about how you tackled the emotional issues during your pregnancy?

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