Postpartum Girdle: To trust or not?

Are you flooded with questions like: Is it safe to wear a postpartum girdle? How can it help you? How long should you wear it for? MomsKnowBest is here to answer all your questions to make your post-pregnancy journey a lot easier.

Congratulations on delivering a beautiful baby. We’re sure you are on cloud 9 and experiencing the love of a whole new kind. Along with that overwhelming love comes a lot of change in your body, which will take time for you to accept. Through-out your pregnancy, loving your pregnant body is more important than you know. Because as much as you want it, your body will not magically shrink back to its original state right after delivering your baby. So how to get back to your pre-pregnancy body? The answer is simple: getting the right nutrition, exercising once you have approval from the doctor, and a boon called THE POSTPARTUM GIRDLE.

What is a postpartum girdle?

It is a compression garment that a mother wears around her belly after the delivery of her little one. It feels like warm and tight and is specifically designed to help relieve the pain, to get you back in shape by gently compressing your tummy and by giving good support to your lower back. 

Is it safe?

There are no proven dangers if you use the girdle properly. But having it on your body for too long or if it’s strapped on too tight can sometimes affect you negatively. Also, the mothers who have faced a pregnancy or delivery complication should not be wearing one. Every pregnancy is different and should be treated accordingly and hence it’s always a smart move to consult your midwife or gynaecologist before taking any decisions; big or small about your pregnancy journey. 

How long can you wear a girdle after pregnancy and when to start?

To experience maximum benefits it is suggested to be worn right after the delivery. You should be wearing it as regularly as possible. 

There is no fixed time as to how long you should be wearing it, but approximately can be worn for about a month or two. The main aim is to have it on until it provides you with extreme comfort and to get rid of it when it becomes discomforting. Most moms wear it for a large part of their day and take it off only while showering.

C-section births and moms with a history of complex deliveries should consult the doctor to determine the right time to wear the girdle.

Why should every mom be wearing one?

A ton of benefits that the girdle provides is the reason why no mom should miss it. The topmost advantage is, it helps the abdominal muscles to regain strength and to return to it’s original size by aligning your abdomen and by giving ample support to your lower back segment. Especially if you have had a c-section delivery, it can take the pressure off your cut, while it is healing.

Pros of regularly wearing a girdle:

  1. Gives support to your post-pregnancy belly: The skin around the expanded belly after delivery becomes very loose and saggy. Wrapping the girdle helps to tighten the area, gives proper support and is sure to make the process more comfortable. 
  2. Lifts up your confidence: It feels like you have been carrying a huge belly since ages now and wearing a girdle finally helps you see your waist and helps you realise that you are not going to look PREGNANT FOREVER. You are bound to feel more confident and can easily jump back in your favourite clothes. 
  3. Reduces uterus swelling: It helps to gently compress the uterus to bring it back to its original size. It decreases the swelling and expels fluid.
  4. Helps relieve lower back pain and improves posture: It stabilises your pelvic floor and increases mobility. The support can help you get rid of the lower back pain in ways unimaginable. Try it and you’ll know it.
  5. C-section delivery moms, this could be your new best friend: It immensely helps to get rid of the pulling sensation that most of the C-section moms experience during movement activities like coughing or bending. It will help you conveniently deal with surgical pain but should not be used if the pain is severe or if the wound hasn’t completely healed.

You already want to get yourself one, don’t you? You sure should but only after taking a look at the manageable limitations that it has!

Cons of wearing a girdle:

  1. Your baby may miss the comfort of a soft tummy: Isn’t it true that moms spend a great amount of time cuddling with their little ones? That feeling is extremely comforting and priceless for your baby too but when you wear a girdle it stiffens your tummy area and the newborn fails to experience the beauty of touch and the comfort of the soft tummy. To help avoid this, balance out the situation by wearing it for a few hours and then allowing some snuggly time at other chances. 
  2. You might get used to it: Wearing it constantly can make your body quite dependent on that tight feeling and you would miss on the original fitness routines. It is important to remember that the girdle cannot be used as a substitute for healthy eating and exercises.  

But wait, Moms, you need to remember that ”Healing takes TIME” and no magic is going to take you back to your pre-pregnancy body ‘overnight’. So be patient, relax and enjoy the process. Your main focus should be comfort and support and not losing weight through this gear. It sure helps make the process easier in several ways but does not do anything that your body wouldn’t do on its own. Although, many moms believe that it makes the process a tad quicker!! We’d suggest, get one and you’ll know it yourself. 

Now that you know everything about a girdle quickly share with us your opinions and feelings about wearing one. 

MKB Team
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