Playing with a purpose: How to educate your child during play-time?

Learn all about the games that can help your child academically and physically in the next few minutes.

Is your kid a big-time playtime enthusiast like every other kid in the world? Are you on the contrary a couch potato with a laptop? Is your child fussy when it comes to homework? Are you too occupied to sit with them through homework?

Well here is a little secret on how you can encourage your little one into studying and having so much fun while they do what they love the most! Playing.

The main idea is that plain fun should not be the purpose of every game you play with your child. It should also be for the development and growth of their bodies. Childhood obesity is very common in children these days and the main reason being that children are not encouraged enough to play outside due to indoor digital games. Phones, tablets and Play stations have taken up the place of playfields and there, the whole trouble begins.

As a parent, it is your job to make them realize the importance of playing games apart from the ones on the screen. Here are some examples which might interest your little one and you can play with them and spend nice quality time!

Oh, you thought we have a solution for you being a couch potato with a laptop? Not really, though it can be good that you play along and engage with your child. But this article can help your child not dread studying anymore.

All work and no play, can make your little one a dull munchkin, and we don’t want that, nor do you. As a parent even you aspire your child to have fun in whatever they do, even when they study. But it can be a little overwhelming for your baby. So, now we will talk about games through which you can not only teach your kid but also their playtime can be more educational, informative and fun!

1. Name Hockey

By using paper plates with alphabets, hockey bats and a net, you are ready to give your child the time of his life by letting him/her play indoors and learn names or words or whatever at present at school their curriculum is when it comes to vocabulary. Give random words or names to them too and they have to make a goal of all the letters which fall in the range in a given amount of time, which you can set as per your child’s age.

2. Plastic Bottle Bowling

Most kids struggle with maths but don’t mean they should. Games are very effective when it comes to mathematics. They can help in building interest and even an aptitude in your children to have a mind of a promising mathematician, who knows! Plastic Bottle Bowling can be fun for teaching, addition, subtraction and other mathematical concepts. You certainly can improvise, depending on your child’s age.

3. The Magic Cup Game

It’s not just a game for kitty parties and magic shows. It is a great game for building concentration and memory. You want your kid to have a good grasping power? This can be a great way to hone that skill. All you need is just three cup and a treat (chocolate, cookie etc for an extra incentive) and you can lure your child to build their knowledge to retain all that knowledge that they are about to gain.

4. Broken Telephone

When your child is young, you can use this game as a way to sharpen his/her listening and concentration skills. It could initially start with just words and then you can slowly switch with phrases and sentences. It can also be a great way to make them grasp things, be more observant and memorise any kind of information. You can play this after dinner is done on the table itself. Fun right?

5. Simon Says

This game in particular could be very fun. It can help in making them alert and even follow instructions. You just need to say something like:

  • Simon says to get up
  • Simon says to wiggle
  • Simon says to sit

You can add some funny elements and make them laugh while you do it. Ask your partner to join with you so that they would be more encouraged even their dad participating. Maybe before bedtime, when they are most energetic and refuse to sleep, a few minutes of Simon says can put them to a happy and peaceful sleep.

All these activities will help them have fun beyond the boundaries of gadgets plus they will be active which produces endorphin that is a happy hormone, keeping them fit and healthy all the time.

If your child shows special interest towards a particular sport then do encourage and enrol them if you may. Who knows you have the next great sportsperson in your own home!

If you do anything special at your humble abode to keep your little tornadoes busy physically and mentally, do let us know!

MKB Team
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