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Skincare Routine For Kids. What's Appropriate & When?

  • November 14, 2020
  • MKB Team

What age should you start skin care routine?

According to the Adroit Market Research, the baby skincare market will reach $18.93 billion by 2025. The overwhelming demand and need for baby skincare products across the world calls for a good and safe skin care routine for kids. But for a parent, the sheer number of products on the market in terms of options adds to the confusion. The big question is- How to select a safe and effective skincare routine for kids?

What’s a good skincare regimen?

A child’s skincare regimen should include a daily bath with a gentle cleanser, followed by the application of a moisturiser. In the summer, sunscreen is a must several times throughout the day.

Forming Early Healthy Habits

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 


This would be your mantra when you choose to start your child on a skin care routine. Introduce some simple habits around the age of 10. Understandably, not all kids will be interested in caring for their skin now. That’s cool because the only need now is to create awareness that one needs to care for the skin. Once that is established, the rest becomes simple. 

A simple routine like a three-step plan works best: cleanse, treat, and protect. Begin by introducing a mild, gentle cleanser. You could keep it in a pump bottle in the bathroom. When they use soap for the body and shampoo for the hair, they will learn to automatically use a cleanser for their face. This is how it becomes a routine. The mild cleanser that you are using might need to be replaced for one that has more acne-fighting key ingredients on need basis. When acne is a concern, removing dirt and excess oil is essential, but it is also important to target acne bacteria.

Next, it’s advisable to pick up 2 things, namely Moisturisers and Sunscreens. 

A water-based moisturiser that does not clog pores can help skin retain the water content it needs. When the skin is hydrated, oil production is normal. Moisturising the face, neck and chest twice daily will improve skin tone and texture. It’s best for kids to use a light moisturiser that contains sunscreen.


The products you purchase for your kids have to match their skin type. There are products for oily, normal, dry, and sensitive skin for example. This is important as only the right product will be effective on your child’s skin. So, choose wisely!

Cleanser Tips

Cleanse the child’s skin twice a day, explaining that it removes dirt and oil. Once kids understand that it benefits them, it eases the process. Rinse away the cleanser with warm water to not irritate or damage the skin. Remember to dry the face with a clean face cloth. 


Substitute the cleansing routine with an exfoliating routine only once or twice a week. This removes build-up for dirt in pores and dead skin cells, reduces blackheads and breakouts, and evens the skin tone.  


Using a toner is optional in your child’s skin care routine. It hydrates and replenishes the skin after cleansing and reduces redness and dry patches. If you are using a toner, remember to use a cotton pad to apply to the skin and do not rinse off.


If you are using a pimple cream, remember to apply it before the moisturiser so that it can seep into the pores. If you apply it after the moisturiser, it won’t penetrate into the skin and be fully effective.


It is recommended that sunscreen should be applied to clean skin before you apply moisturiser. Unless you do that, the sunscreen will be unable to interact with the skin in the best way possible, and will be less effective. 

Other habits Impacting Skincare

Clean is in! You need to change the child’s pillowcases frequently, disinfect the caps, phones, goggles, helmets, sports gear or any other articles that come into contact with your child’s skin on a regular basis. This helps control the bacteria causing acne. Washing hands with soap and keeping them away from the face is advisable. Choosing shampoos and conditioners that won’t aggravate acne is important. Diet, stress and sleep also impact a child’s skin. Avoid inflammatory foods like processed foods and sugar if possible or minimise them. The teenage years can be stressful and impacts hormones which in turn, impact acne. So, remember that study, play and rest are equally important. 



In an attempt at organization, and because all of us are forgetful including children, a skin routine chart isn’t a bad idea. Make a chart, take a print and pin it up on the study wall. This will remind the children of the steps they have to take to take care of their skin. After all, the best education begins at home. 


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Some frequently asked questions have been answered below for you!

You ask and we answer!


Q.1 What age should you start skin care routine? (Ruchi Varma, Chandigarh.)

Some say children should begin a basic routine from age 12, while others feel a year or two later is fine. However, it’s important to start in your teens because the first signs of aging show in your mid 20's.  


Q.2 What is a good basic skin care routine? (Anjali Shah, Mumbai.)

A good basic skin-care routine has 3 main steps:

  1. Cleansing: Washing your face.
  2. Toning: Balancing the skin.
  3. Moisturizing: Hydrating and softening the skin.


Q.3 How do I take care of my kid’s skin? (Urvashi Sethi, Pune.)

A child's skincare regimen should have a daily bath with a gentle cleanser, followed by the application of a moisturizer. In the summer, it's important that sunscreen is applied many times throughout the day, because a child's skin is more sensitive than an adult’s.



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