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The Best Potty Training Tips & Tricks From Parents & Experts

  • December 1, 2020
  • MKB Team

Potty training is an important phase for all parents. But wanting the child to be diaper-free and use the toilet by themselves is a tough ask. The first time Rashmi Pai tried her hand at toilet training, her son passed urine on her face. Rashmi saw the funny side of it and let her son have fun, permitting him to pull the flush whenever he wanted. Slowly but steadily, he got toilet trained. Aparna Shah has been trying to train her kids since they were 11 months. They are 26 months now, and she’s still at it persistently. 

True, potty training can be a gruelling parenting experience. But it's also a great opportunity for your toddler to grow, gain confidence, and spend some quality time with mom or dad.

Tanvi Bhatawadekar thinks it’s one of the hardest things to teach a child. But hang on- some parents have discovered amazing ways to toilet train their kids. Like Sargam Gupta, who received great advice from an experienced mom who told her to keep her kid on the potty seat when 6 months. 

Check out these 10 superb ways to potty train your baby quickly and perfectly. The secrets of professional experts and creative parents have been compiled together.  

  • Focus all your attention

Potty training demands 100 % attention. All your focus should be towards your child. Shagun Tandon recalls that for her it was like a ritual. She used to sit with a story book in the loo with her child, making her husband laugh at her enthusiasm. But it worked, and Shagun’s doing all the laughing now. Clearly, potty training is not a multitasking option. 

  • Remove the diapers

Remove all the diapers in the house (except for the night) if you’re looking for kids to be potty trained. Diaper-free is the word!

  • Follow a Routine

Create a routine that covers your child’s feeds, playtime and potty time so the child’s prepared for what’s to come. Fix the routine in such a manner that potty training time pops up 2 hours after every feed. Keep a fun activity or schedule playtime right after potty training so the child looks forward to it. This will also avoid tantrums if the child knows that entertainment is scheduled right after.  

  • Say the Right Things 

Sometimes, making the right statements can avoid difficult situations like a power struggle. Don’t ask questions like “Do you want to go to potty?” or “Do you need to potty?”

Prompt children with an encouraging statement, choice or a challenge. “Come, let’s go for potty!” or “It’s potty time!” is a good statement.

“Would you like to go first to the bathroom or should I?” or “Do you want to go to the big potty or the little potty?” is a choice. 

A challenge is more like, “I’ll race you to the loo!” and “I wonder if you know how to potty!”

Mamta Kathuria feels training a little one takes time, especially the night time for diaper trying. One has to keep trying to take them to the bathroom and keep asking them if they want to go. On the other hand, Zeenia Virani’s daughter took the longest time for pee training, and night training was faster. 

  • Create pretend play

Give your child a doll to potty train. They can pretend to be mum or dad teaching their doll how to use the potty.

  • Put a reward system in place

Kids respond better to a reward system. Potty train those tricky toddlers with promises of a prize if they make progress with the potty training. This has to be done moderately however, and you can’t bribe your toddler with chocolates every time they poop. 

  • Get a stool

Often, kids have to use an adult-size toilet. Ensure they have a stool for their feet to help them board. Make them comfortable.


  • Be open minded about timing

Do not put a time frame on your potty training goals. You put further pressure on your child which will backfire. If you’ve read that potty training takes three days, it’s misleading. The first three days are just to get the child familiar with the concept. 

“It’s a process, not a 3 day trick!” Tripti Motwani states correctly. She feels there’s no sense for pee training before a year and proper potty training takes two and a half to three years. 

  • Praise them 

With children, nothing works like praise. Make your child feel appreciated and feel like an adult when he/she uses the toilet properly. It works wonders for morale and interest when you say things like, “Wow! You’ve become such a big boy/girl!” and “Let’s call mummy and tell her!” 

Simple praise helps kids achieve a big milestone. Watching a happy parent will encourage them to make you happier.

  • Be prepared on the go

After potty training has been achieved at home, test it outdoors. Purchase a foldable travel seat cover to make a public toilet smaller for little kids. You can invest in a portable potty with disposable bags which will be helpful where there are no public bathrooms at hand.

Write into us if you’ve got a great potty training tip we’ve missed out. Our expert panel will also be happy to answer your questions.


Mums Ask & We Answer

Q. 1 What is the 3 day potty training method? (Anila Mohan, Bangalore)

The 3-Day Potty Training method requires you to do two things: 

1) Say to your child “Tell me if you need to use the potty” all day, like 100 times a day.

2) Watch the kid like a hawk. 

For more details watch this video:

Q. 2 Does the 3 day potty training method work? (Carmadonna Rodriguez, Mumbai)

According to the preachers of the three-day method, it’s most effective with kids between 18- 30 months.

Q. 3 At what age should a child be fully potty trained? (Radhika Behl, New Delhi)

Most children are fully potty trained by the time they're 5- 6 years old.

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