Online Education and health of our kids eyes

Received a forward on how we can take care of our kids eyes while schooling virtually. Just a few pointers which we all are aware of but we need to remind our kids and make sure they follow and in build inside them. I would never express positivity for online schooling but i guess this is the path ahead for our kids. Just a little efforts to align our kids with screen etiquettes which will take care of their eyes and overall health also.

  • Using bigger screens preferably iPads/ Laptops / Tablets as they are better than smartphones in terms of visibility. .
  • Place the device at a distance of 1 and half feet to 2 feet & at 10-30 degrees below eye level so there is no neck strain. Back should be straight.
  • Parents should supervise the kids often so that they maintain distance from the screens.
  • Making conscious effort to blink frequently as it refreshes eyes and makes one more attentive. Normal blink rate being  12 -15 times a minute. 
  • Each session should be at the most of 30 minutes. Encouraging a 10 min break after each session ( i know practically that’s not possible  and not even happening in my daughters sessions but I so wish this comes into practise too). Also child should move away from the screen in break time to reduce screen time however small it is.
  • I loved this point the most. ‘ 5 times the poem.

” Stretch yourself 5 times.

Roll your head 5 times.

Roll your wrists 5 times .

Look outside the window , and count 5 objects you see.

Drink sips of water 5 times.

5 times you jump like little Jack.

And teacher is here , we gotta run back.

  • Adjust the brightness of the screen before the session starts. Not too bright , not too dim.
  • Healthy diet containing essential vitamins , antioxidants,  carotenoids .
  • Cutting down screen time for entertainment purposes.
  • Encouraging physical exercise like yoga and aerobics.
  • Adequate sleep of 8-10 hours

If we train our kids in the ways mentioned above , online schooling will be a better experience and kids will learn screen time etiquettes that will stay with them forever. 

Pooja Rathod
Hi, I am Pooja Rathod. A stay at home mom and a part time parenting blogger. Raising a kid while maintaining equilibrium between the traditional upbringing and the current generation trends. Picking the best from the both. Always looking forward to be associated with good people and good causes. Love documenting my mother journey and my little girl's childhood everyday moments so that when she grows up , these treasured memories will be the greatest gift I can ever gift her.


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