Mom Guilt and The Working Mom

Are you constantly beating yourself up for attending that meeting over your child’s open-house in school? Then this article is here to save you!

Does dropping your child to the daycare and heading towards the office ever make you feel guilty? Do you ever crib about missing your child’s performance because of the business trip clashing that precious day? Is the guilt eating away at you? If yes, then please STOP! Stop knocking yourself down about striving to attain the perfect personal and work-life balance! Because perfect doesn’t exist and this unenthusiastic feeling is not worth it.

Working mom guilt can hold you back in your roots and seize your thoughts. You’re a working mom and you don’t have the time or the energy to let working mom guilt put you into a daze for long. MomsKnowBest is here with some strategies that will help you get over the time-wasting working mom guilt flashes.

Remember it’s completely ok to be a working mother. You’re working for yourself and your kid. So, where does that guilt come from? Enjoy the simple pleasure working life gives you. Sip a cup of coffee on the way to work, chat with colleagues about the scandal around the water cooler and make the most of it.

Know that some people will always make you feel guilty:

Your next-door neighbour will continually ask you how can you let your little one stay at day-care? Shun such negativity as best you can. Wave at your neighbour the next time you see them instead of engaging in conversation.

Understand you’re letting your kid grow:

Children act differently around mothers. They’re clingier, pampered, and perhaps they act out. When you are not nearby, your child can form their thoughts, insights, and feelings without looking to you for affirmation. So this will help your kid grow. So shoo away that mom guilt, and be happy, that you’re making them independent, and letting them grow.

Apprehend that it’s OK to say NO:

It’s OK to decline a birthday party invite, to spend some time with your child and squeeze in some extra family time. Let some things slide so that you can spend time with your family. You can hire a maid to keep your house spic and span. Or possibly order, takeout, because you’re just too tired to cook.

Know you made the right decision:

If you feel anxious or bad about leaving your child with a caregiver, identify that this feeling is normal. You chose your childcare provider because she is capable, so don’t question your decision. Be confident about your choice and trust that you made the decision that is right for you and your family.

It’s normal to feel sad about missing your child’s performance and other important days. By acknowledging your feelings, hopefully, you’ll also appreciate what you’re gaining by working and envision the bigger picture better. Do you feel working moms guilt? How do you overcome it? Share with us in the comment section below.

MKB Team
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