Life after baby

Having a baby will change your life forever. It’s scary right? The day I went to the hospital for my scheduled c-section, I knew nothing will remain same, but in the end it is beautiful, gratifying and the most wonderful thing you will ever do.

Today I will blog about how Mia’s arrival has changed both of us. I am going to write in pointers because the words are going to fall short.

So here it goes

1. You start taking care of yourself, because you have created a life and you can’t afford to fall sick having a tiny creature who has just arrived.You start loving yourself more so you can take better care of your little one obviously.

2. You become a morning person, well you don’t have a choice actually. Sleep is luxury now till the toddler phase hopefully. Yes, hopefully because we are in toddler phase now and sleep still is a luxury!

3. You’d rather buy baby dresses and shoes than those outfits that you have been fawning over. Even the dresses you buy will be breastfeeding friendly or just a simple T-shirt to lift and feed.

4. You will delete your memorable pictures from your phone to create space for thousands of similar pictures of your baby.

5. Taking a shower becomes a luxury. Deep cleansing and bathing is a monthly affair now.

6. Your diet included baby friendly food, at least till the time you breastfeed.

7. Grocery shopping alone will feel like a vacation! Yes I feel the same even if my husband isn’t there.

8. You realise the love and sacrifice of your parents. This is a major change that I have noticed in my husband too.

9. It will amaze you that you will never love anything or anyone as much as you love that little bundle in your arms.

10. Your anxiety and panic attacks will increase and that’s totally okay if it’s for the baby.

11. You will be more emotional than ever! Tear glands perform their best after a baby comes home. Happy, sad, scared, whatsoever feeling comes, tears are ready to roll down.

And last but not least

12. You will never leave the house without a huge bag of baby needs though they will come back as it is !

The list may go on for many. I just realised the pointers are like paragraphs, that’s what a baby does to you !

Shalini Priya
I am shalini Priya. I have worked as a creative head for about ten years in television industry before turning into a full time mommy. I share my motherhood journey, raw and real through my Instagram handle mommahmiah


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