How to teach your kids the difference between Good touch and Bad touch?

Are you facing difficulty telling your child about good touch and bad touch, this article right here can help you out!

No matter how much ever we try to make this world a safe place for our kids but it is not. There are bad people out there and kids need to be given a heads-up on that. But, right there comes a challenge for you to reveal this complex and rather sensitive information to them without spooking them out and robbing them of their innocence. Sexual abuse against kids is on the rise and with this particular scenario, every kid needs to understand the importance of their body parts and vigilance against such circumstances. Who else can teach them this better than you? Let’s see how we can tread through this together and without much difficulty in teaching our kids the difference between good & bad touch.

It is when your child reaches the age of three, both a baby boy or girl, they start to identify both sexes, so basically differences between a man and a woman start to dawn upon them. They might start asking you why these differences exist and you need not panic. This could be a very good time and opportunity to subtly convey this information to them without thinking when and how to bring this topic up. This situation helps you start giving them an idea and answer their questions whenever they ask.

Make the conversation a little lighter by giggling it away. When you feel a speck of discomfort, add on that awkward or shy giggle. This indeed is a serious topic but it needn’t be making the conversation too grave in how you are conveying it. Maybe you can try making it in a story and then teaching them. Kids love stories and they will surely pay more attention.

Don’t restrict this conversation for just one time. Have it like a normal one quite often with the help of the stories, as mentioned above and try adding and covering more topics while you are at it. It won’t be an awkward topic after a point which will allow your child to feel safe around you to ask questions and raise some concerns as well with you.

The trickiest could be teaching them why it is important to keep their private parts safe. Now you don’t need to tell them these words exactly, so you take a detour and tell them that is the way to be a healthy person and gradually, as they grow up, one, they will realize it by themselves and second, that would be the right time to tell them exactly ‘why’.

Take some help from the internet. You are not alone in this and the internet could be a great partner for you after all. Dig up some videos and study them first. If you find it suitable for your child and situation, go ahead and show them to your kids while you are with them. They are very interactive and will help kids understand in a very easy way.

Some important points which you can tell them about good and bad touch:

  • It’s NOT OKAY to let anyone touch your private parts.
  • It’s NOT OKAY to touch anyone’s private part.
  • It’s NOT OKAY for someone to let touch his or her own private part in front of you.
  • It’s NOT OKAY for someone to ask you to touch his or her private part.
  • It’s NOT OKAY if someone asks you to take off your clothes or take photos or videos with your clothes off other than your parents.
  • It’s NOT OKAY if someone shows you photos and videos of people without clothes on.
  • DO NOT let anyone touch your lips, chest, between your legs and buttocks.
  • When felt unsafe – Shout NO loudly, GO AWAY from that person & place, TELL someone trusted.

So ladies, with all these trusted tips & tricks your kids are equipped to take care of themselves in the world outside your home. Do tell us in the comments below if there are any special tricks you might have up your sleeve to educate your children about good touch and bad touch.

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