How to announce your pregnancy?

Baby on the way? All the why’s and how’s about making the big announcement are answered right here!

What’s more exciting for a couple than to know that their little one is on the way? This precious day is what most couples await! To do justice with the news, it has to be announced in a thoughtful way to multiply the joy 10-folds for all the loved ones around you. However, it is completely a couple’s choice to go low-key with the announcement or scream aloud.

When should you make the pregnancy announcement?

Safety first! There is always the initial 14-week period or the first trimester where generally people do not prefer announcing the good news as the risk of miscarriages is relatively higher. Some people prefer to keep the pregnancy news under the wraps until 4 or 5 months, or till an adorable baby bump is noticeable. This gives you a chance to make sure that the ultrasound findings are normal and you have a healthy baby en route. 

Though it is difficult to hold on to your excitement and say it to all, we know that the topmost priority for every couple is the good health of the baby and mother to be. The textbook time to announce a pregnancy to family and friends is week 12. Still can’t wait that long? We recommend following one simple rule: The advice is to keep that circle relatively small. This typically means your partner (of course) and immediate family.

How to announce your pregnancy?

Before going viral on social media, saying it personally to the special ones is always better. To make sure the announcement is something you remember for the rest of your life, we have compiled a couple of fun ideas to unveil this big news to your partner, family, and close friends.

The partner first (ALWAYS):

Just a simple “I’m Pregnant” is enough to make your partner waltz around in joy and pamper you way more than they ever did. Also, there is nothing greater than finding it together. But if you are the one to find out first, don’t wait to inform him. Once he is back home from a long tiring day at work, slip a dad-to-be T-shirt in place of his night suit while you wear your mom-to-be one, or ditch your regular room pillows for pretty pink mom-to-be and blue dad-to-be ones

Close family/ Friends:

After the new parents, the only people who would be extremely happy are your parents. So before making news common, just invite your parents and your partner’s parents over for a cup of tea/coffee and break the news to the Dada and Dadi-to-be and Nana and Nani-to-be. 

One of the most important suggestions, and we can’t stress this enough: start unveiling the news about your pregnancy to people in your friends and family, only when you feel ready to do so. Do not let any pressure get to you or your partner during this beautiful time. Follow your heart and do what you both feel comfortable with. The chances are, people easily guess the symptoms and if you are uncomfortable to give them the news, then let them know that you don’t wish to divulge further and would like them to respect your space.

We were having way too much fun, so we went a little out of control and compiled a slideshow with announcement ideas for social media inspo. You’re welcome!

Now that your life is going to be filled with a sense of overwhelming happiness, we would love to know what was the first thought that struck you when you first found out about the big news?

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