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Are Methi laddoos good for post pregnancy?

  • February 6, 2021
  • MKB Team
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If we could time travel and go back to the 4th century B.C. in India, we could probably taste the first laddoos that were made for medicinal purposes by the father of Indian surgery and medicine, Susruta. He used it as an antiseptic to treat his patients and the combination of sesame seeds, jiggery and peanuts was said to work wonders even back then.

No wonder that the healing properties of Methi laddoos have been propagated by Indian grandmothers and mothers over the centuries, especially during those post pregnancy months when a mother’s diet is of prime importance. Susruta would have been a proud man if he was still alive.
Often, the post pregnancy phase of a mother’s diet is neglected and this negligence is a strict no-no as a new mother needs as much care as she was when she was expecting in terms of a wholesome diet and proper care. This is understandable as most of the attention shifts focus to the new-born from the new mother.

Methi laddoos are among the few traditional foods offered to new mothers post childbirth to regain strength and nourishment. These laddoos are supposed to boost recovery with the vital nutrients they contain and the fibre they contain helps lactating mothers build immunity. Such tried and tested food which is also delicious to taste, albeit a bit bitter, surely cannot be ignored, can they?
Below are the health benefits that Fenugreek or Methi has for breastfeeding mothers:

- The herbal supplement of Methi ensures increased milk production for lactating mothers with a daily dose of at least 3500 milligrams that the Methi laddoo adequately provides.

- Methi reduces mouth ulcers which are common postpartum occurrences. This is not only an irritating discomfort but the pain also can make you not want to eat, thus affecting your diet, depriving baby of vital nutrients. The anti-inflammatory
properties of Methi stop the formation of mouth ulcers. What better way to do it than popping a Methi laddoo?
- The rich iron content in Methi also works as an immunity booster to ward off many diseases like postpartum anaemia which occur because of an iron deficiency in the body. Methi is also packed with other vital nutrients like vitamin B6,
magnesium and manganese.

- Methi improves skin and hair health and helps you get better sleep. Sometimes, during those post pregnancy months, insomnia can be a distressing experience. The calming effects of the nutrients in Methi bring about that much needed good
night’s sleep.

- Methi helps improve blood sugar regulation, balances your cholesterol levels and leads to improved heart health. Having a Methi laddoo for breakfast ensures that your blood sugar is regulated throughout the course of the day.

- Methi keeps your digestive system regular thanks to its fiber rich properties. An irregular bowel movement or upset stomach needs to be avoided post pregnancy. It’s great when a simple Methi laddoo can do the needful instead of many medicines. Prevention is certainly much better than cure!

- Methi brings about anti-aging benefits. While you won’t bask in the fountain of youth if you have those magical Methi laddoos, you will certainly look more vibrant. This is because of the high antioxidant quality in this magical herb’s seeds that fights the free radicals that take the aging process forward. The last reason should be enough to induce many of you to include Methi laddoos in your post pregnancy diet. So what are you waiting for? It’s winter time when these lovely winter sweets are in season!

Pop a Methi laddoo right now! Winter won’t last forever!
N.B: Just like too much of anything is not good, have Methi laddoos
in moderation as well without gorging on too many in one day.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Do write in to us! Tell us if Methi
laddoos featured in your post-pregnancy diet and why? We’d also
love to answer any queries that parents might have in our popular
Q&A session, where you ask and we answer!

Q & A
You ask and we answer!

When should we eat Methi laddoo?
Seema Jha, Jamshedpur.
These laddus have tremendous nutritional and health benefits. According to Ayurveda, they balance all the 3 doshas like Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. They are a bit bitter but very tasty. Make sure that you only consume 1 a day, preferably in the morning.

Is Methi laddoo good for diabetics?
Poonam Jethmalani, Noida.
This little known winter sweet may be a healthier option for diabetics to indulge in, instead of other sweets, because of the presence of fenugreek. These ladoos aren't just warm, but eating them during breakfast may help keep blood sugar levels under check through the day.

Can I eat Fengureek after delivery?
Sandhya Prakash, New York, U.S.A.
Fenugreek does pass into the breast milk, but it's believed to be safe
for both mom and baby when used in moderation. The U.S. Food and
Drug Administration has rated fenugreek as Generally Regarded as
Safe (GRAS).

Is Methi laddoo good for weight loss?
Priya Bahadur, New Delhi.
Yes. The benefits of fenugreek for weight loss are as follows
Due to its high-quality fibre content, Methi or fenugreek helps in
digestion and preventing constipation. Galactomannan, a water-
soluble fibre found in fenugreek seeds, curbs your appetite by
enhancing the feeling of fullness, which helps in weight

Does Fengureek increase breast milk?
Alvira Shah, Nairobi, Kenya.
Fenugreek can help increase your breast milk supply. It's also the
main ingredient in foods and drinks that help promote lactation, or
breast milk production. Most women can consume fenugreek
without having to check with their doctor first. But do consult your
doctor as its always advisable.

Is Methi good for acidity?
Bidisha Pai, Pune.
The soluble fibre in fenugreek, or commonly known as Methi dana,
helps in reducing cholesterol. Besides that, it also helps in preventing
diseases like colon cancer and helps in dealing with acid reflux or
heartburn, upset stomach and constipation.

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