Family Bonding Activities

For many of us, staying at home is equivalent to being a caged bird. Being in this pandemic situation has been the most challenging thing ever! In order to contain the spread of coronavirus, many states have issued stay-at-home orders for the foreseeable future. That means many families are spending more together than they normally do. All that togetherness can present various challenges because everyone is confined at home with each other. But as challenging as it sounds, this situation has given us the opportunity to spend quality time with our family.

One study found that having strong social bonds is important and contributes to our health and happiness quotient. Consider that family bonding is an investment in everyone’s health and happiness. Here are some ways to strengthen those bonds, right at home.

Talk About Life and Take Break from the News

It’s really hard to avoid the news right now, and we should all be informed and well aware about the situation around. However, reliable information can help soothe a worried mind, and talking with children in a way they can understand can help ease their worries. But there are times when it’s best to turn the news off for your own sanity.

Avoid talking about the news during mealtimes and other fun family activities. Focus on humorous videos or other fun distractions that can ease the stress.

Make and Share Meals Together

Its not just preparing and eating together; it’s the chit chatter and buzz that surrounds the preparation of the meal. Over this lockdown period, we’ve developed and mastered the art of having a harmonious cooking routine. Cooking so far has made our entire family bond better. From planning to preparing, its all team work. From making pickles to baking, we have tried it all. And I can proudly say, dad and me have done a fair job as team players with a good amount of contribution in the kitchen.

Schedule Fun Activities with Family

Do you already have a game night or other fun activities that your family does together? If not, now’s the time to start. Schedule a time when everyone is relatively less busy and do puzzles, play board or card games, or watch movies as a family. Parents can watch educational shows with children on Netflix in order to make social media time more constructive in nature. Staying indoor has given us new ways to bond with our family. Our family has bonded over Young Sheldon so far.

Induce Creativity

Do fun and creative activities with your child(ren). There are many things parents can do like creating a new board game, doing fun and safe science experiments, tie and dye with old T-shirts, learn origami and create art etc. Exciting activities can balance out every day routines and provide opportunities for bonding and growth. By limiting screen time and replacing it with craft activities, you may discover a budding Picasso in your family.

Divvy Up Responsibilities

With the unavailability of house help, there are surely plenty of chores to be done. Come together as a family to divvy up the dishwashing, vacuuming and cooking. Children can perform age appropriate tasks. Younger children can dust and sort through their toys, allowing them to determine what to keep and what to donate. Older children can disinfect surfaces and even redesign the house decor. By the time the pandemic passes, your house will look less cluttered and new!

Exercise Together

Parents across the country are attempting to find new ways to keep their children fit and physically active in the wake of lengthy school closures and stay at home orders due to the COVID – 19 pandemic .Exercise is especially important for kids during this time because it can prevent weight gain, boost the immunity system and reduce stress. Children will be more motivated to exercise if the entire family participate. Work with your child to set and age -appropriate exercise goals, such as 10 Surya Namaskar, 50 pushups in a row, skipping etc.

“As much as this virus has isolated us, I believe it has pushed us to be more productive and has got us closer to our loved ones.” These are only a few suggestions to assist you in spending more quality time with your family. Depending on your own unique situation, these suggestions may or may not work because each family is different. However, each of these ideas can be tweaked to fit your family!

Shailee Mehta
With a master's in clinical psychology and an interest in mental health, creative and visual arts; Shailee has collaborated both her skills to help with psychological health, creative expression, cognition, and motor skills. Her background and experience in psychology have helped her to use art as a therapeutic approach especially with kids who express in various nonverbal forms and she has successfully used art as a creative medium to explore emotions of adults and children, relieve stress, and stimulate one's imagination.


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