Deciphering Who Needs The Time Out: You or Your Child?

Is there distress in your household lately? We think someone might be needing a break! But who is that someone? We’re about to find out!

Parenthood is no less than a job where ‘slightly more of your emotions are involved’. It seems like a full-time job but that can be too taxing and overburdening at times. But it is difficult to understand who needs a time out from whom? Are you too overwhelmed with your surroundings as well as kids that you need a pause of parenting? Or is it the kid who is giving you a hard time (quite literally) and needs to be put into line? Both of these can be handled well within the spectrum of positive parenting and that too without either of you yelling and crying! These are the times you need a time-out!

1. If the to-do list doesn’t seem to end

If you are too occupied in your work and housework that no amount of efficiency at either place is giving you solace. So what if the to-do list isn’t over, not the end of the world.

2. OCD Alert

Your quest to have a perfect home which is spotless and serene is an unachievable task. The kids and they are not as organized as we want them to be and that is okay. Your constant desire for keeping everything in order might backfire. Take a breather each time you catch yourself being obsessive about making sure things are perfect. PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST.

3. Missing the point!

Well, what is more important? Dishes or Kids? Many times without any reason you choose work over sitting down with your kids for a quality time. Your drive to just being indulged in work is a huge problem and a major roadblock. Gift yourself a time-out when you find yourself stressed with tasks which are not even that important at the moment.

4. Default in snooze button

Planning on to breathe? At least sleep for 8 hours max! Such depravity of sleep will only cause more stress, unhappiness and unproductivity, no chance that you will be able to tame those tides with this half on energy head. Snoozing to catch up on rest is the perfect time-out you have earned after every exhausting day.

If you are experiencing all the above, it is time to zone out and fix things. Take some time off to relax and just be with yourself. If you are not in the mood, then just some scented candles and good home-cooked comfort food will work along with some tea, coffee or wine, whichever you prefer! The point is to hit pause and reset, your brain, body and soul. An exhausted and sleep deprived mom will only be cranky and no parenting mantra will be positive enough. You need a sane mind and a fresh body to process all of this. Be mindful of these points and if you see any signs, don’t forget it is time to hit pause!


Here we are not expecting the child to be overwhelmed by work but definitely a new world they are in which they are surely trying to understand and move through.

  1. Constantly talking back at you
  2. Arguing with you when you say don’t give them what they want
  3. Too aloof or detached

A child can be facing their own share of problems, it can be kids messing with them at school, or wrong group of friends, anxious, maybe they are bullied (link bullying article here)  or may be scared of somebody,  in or outside the boundaries of the home (link stranger danger article here). But biggest of all, they might not be spending enough quality time with you (linking the article about spending time with kids here) where they can feel at ease around you, not on guard and sharing their feelings.

Take them, start talking to them rather than yelling. They might be in need of your love and care and you are misreading the signs of disrespect. Be confident about your upbringing and confront them upfront on any issue. Your relationship requires transparency, because that’s the answer to almost all your problems.

These signs might show which one needs a time out and what has to be done in order to restore peace in your home. Do you often see these signs in you and your child? You can reach out to us for more information on how to tackle this situation through the measures of positive parenting.

MKB Team
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