Cloth diapering

When Mia was born, I barely knew anything about cloth diapers. But While scrolling Facebook I came across this group of cloth diapering moms and just thought to give it a try. Well honestly, because of those cute prints. Though I was still not confident about the poop episodes. 

What is a Cloth Diaper?

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made from natural or man-made fabrics that can hold 3/4 pees and needs to be changed in three hours just like disposables. You just need to clean them and use them again. Cloth diapers just need an initial trial and errors and you are good to go. 

Why should we use a Cloth Diaper?

As a mother, we are free to decide what’s good for our child and if you use Disposables that’s fine too. No one will judge you for that. I understand the allure of disposable diapers. It’s less work for you. You don’t have to clean up the big messes your baby makes. You can toss it in your garbage and forget about it. But, in actuality, it’s not that easy.

Every morning the garbage bag full of disposables made me feel conscious. I used to wonder that I am just adding so much plastic to the landfills.But I always ended up confused about how will I do all the cleaning etc. But one fine night I decided that i have to stop using disposables.

So started cloth diapering my daughter once she turned six months. And I still wonder why I did not start using it earlier.

Once I started using them, there was no looking back.

Reasons why should we use cloth diapers

  1. They save money. Yes, they do !! One cloth diaper from a trustworthy brand may cost you 900 INR that is the cost of the monthly stock of disposables. Agreed. But you can wash and use one cloth diaper for 2-3 years! Yes, you heard it right! I have seen mommies cloth diapering their baby for two years in just 5-6 diapers but still minimum Ten diapers and you are sorted for two-three years. Now you can calculate!
  2. They let the baby’s skin breathe better than being on disposables. They are made from cotton and result in less skin irritation and rashes. Many of the cloth diaper companies are using organic cotton for their diapers
  3. Reduce landfill wastes as you no more add to them by using cloth diapers.
  4. They are chemical-free, unlike the disposables that use chemicals to convert the pee into a gel. You can see those if you forget to change disposables for long.
  5. They have really cute prints. And you will love the colorful bums of your babies.

Now, you may say that times have changed, more mothers work outside of the home, we have improved life and the products we use But cloth diapers have changed, too. Sure, the old school ways of cloth diapering (langots, flats, prefolds) are still an option, but there are also all-in-ones and pocket diapers! These diapers go on your baby the same way a disposable diaper would, using snaps, in fact, the biggest difference is that you wash them instead of throwing them away!

Points to remember before starting cloth diapering.

•Extra Laundry – This may be one of the biggest factors (other than poop) that scares away most parents from trying cloth diapers. Cloth diaper laundry is easy and not that much more effort. After all, how hard is it to throw a load of laundry in before you start dinner or go to bed? Even folding them is therapy and if you don’t like folding just throw them in a drawer or basket and take out as you need them.

•Poopy factor -Both cloth and disposable diapers mean you’ll have to deal with poop. But even with the disposables, you do face blowouts. These gross instances occur when the baby poops and the diaper can’t contain the mess. Cloth diapers do a much better job of holding in messy poops. Blowouts are almost nonexistent with cloth diapers.

•Faucet sprayers help to make cleanup a breeze! Just spray off the poop and throw the diaper in the washing machine! You can also hand wash them then and there. Easy-peasy!!

•Cloth diapers can be addictive. Many cloth diapering moms find themselves addicted to cloth diapers once they make the switch. They tend to talk about their diapers a lot, and just genuinely feel happy when they look at how adorable their baby looks in a cloth diaper. It may sound crazy but I ended up shopping-clothes matching to the diapers. Even her birthday theme was matching her diaper. 

•High resale value. If you buy a few cloth diapers and aren’t satisfied you can always resell the diapers and there are special buy/sell groups for the same.

•Don’t invest in diapers that are priced at a low price. They won’t work and are highly demotivating for a new cloth diapering mom.

•Before you invest in bulk try a variety of different styles and types of cloth diapers to see what works best for you. There are these special groups called “cloth diapering India” to guide on the same.

I hope this information helps you and makes you fall in love with the fluffy bums of your bub very soon.

Shalini Priya
I am shalini Priya. I have worked as a creative head for about ten years in television industry before turning into a full time mommy. I share my motherhood journey, raw and real through my Instagram handle mommahmiah


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