Celebrity Parents Take The Pledge with Mama Simone

We all know how scary this Corona pandemic is and all we need to do is let our Mother Earth heal while we do our bit to enter this new world with extreme care, mindfulness and lot of positivity.

Mama Says Simone Khambatta collaborated with celebrity parents who have a strong voice to stand up and take a pledge to create a whole new world and inspire people to do the same. Our mission is to inspire parents and make the process a little easier and a lot more fun.

Once this lockdown ends we will enter ‘A New World.‘ A world where we, as parents have to be more mindful of our lifestyle and choices.

Some of the celebrities who have participated and taken the pledge are the multi-talented Karan Johar, who stood up and told us what steps he is taking so that his kids can have a better tomorrow.

“So all of us are very proud parents. We all love our children and its very integral that we give them all the love the attention and the care. We also really make their home feel beautiful we make them love their home  we make them feel home is where the heart is but we sometimes miss the point we sometimes pretend that the home is just their residence but that’s not true our planet is also our home” pledged Karan Johar.

Neha dhupia, an actor and a new mommy who pledged to save the environment by giving  simple tips that she is trying to incorporated in her life in order to make little changes that make big differences in the world.

Neha Dhupia  pledged “Apart from all the conscious work that we are doing, I also pledge that we continue buying wooden toys for our daughter Meher.. try and keep her away from plastic toys as much as we can and more importantly we are totally open hand me downs.. Meher’s got lots of friends who are 6 months or a year older and we believe in hand me downs books, toys clothes all of it its great on the pocket and more importantly its very good for the environment.. so ya we are doing out little bit I think you guys should do yours too just so that our planet can accommodate our children in the future.”

Not only Neha Dhupia, we also had Soha Ali Khan who took the pledge which we all should. As we say.. making a change in your life starts with the baby steps.

Soha Ali Khan pledged “To carry reusable water bottle with me every time I step out of the house instead of buying plastic bottles because I care about the future of our children and grandchildren on our planet.”

Daughter of bollywood’s dream girl too stepped up and took the pledge to do something she totally loves and believes in only for the sake of her and her kids.

Esha Deol Takhtani said “I pledge to grow more plants and herbs in our house, because I want out children to develop a strong bond with nature and learn to nurture our planet.”

To add to the pledge we had the very talented Tusshar Kapoor with an extremely important pledge. “I pledge to never use animal products in clothing and in accessories as far as my knowledge permits me to in order to save our biodiversity and to reduce cruelty of animals for the sake of our planet”

Environmentalist Pragya Kapoor also took the #MamaSaysPledge as a lover of mother nature to step forward she said “I pledge to go paperless at my workspace and use digital communication only. I do this because I know it’s the need of the hour and I want my kids to grow up in a world filled with trees and fresh air.”

Do no miss out on what Malang fame, Kunal Khemmu pledged. “and I pledge to turn off the tap every time I am in the shower and no using it and every time that I brush my teeth because I care about our planet and a better future for our children and grandchildren”

Amrita Arora a mother 2 boys too stood up and took the pledge.  “ my pledge is to make the carbon footprint lesser that’s means by taking my car out for fewer times for simple runs like to the grocery store or to the gym. What do you pledge.”

To add on to the #MamaSaysPledge former actor and a jewellery designer Neelam Kothari Soni said something extremely mindful and meaningful and took the pledge. “ and I pledge never to use single use plastic in my home ever again for ex I am going to stop buying mineral water that comes in those tiny plastic bottles which you use and just chuck and you know it’s absolutely pointless and useless also I am going to stop using those milk pouches that come every morning that milkman delivers because you might as well just get it in a glass bottle. Also I am going to teach my daughter to do the same thing. You know we can make these small changes to help our environment it’s just a few changes but it can go a long way for the betterment of our future and our lil ones.

We urge you to stand up and take the #MamaSaysPledge and let us know what do you pledge coz as she said – these little changes will only help us In the long run.

Do check the video out in case you have missed it and do share your pledge with us in the comments below!

MKB Team
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