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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist Is Here!

  • October 20, 2020
  • MKB Team

What all should you carry for your delivery?

Is your delivery just around the corner? Then read on to find out the must-haves in your hospital bag.

Hey lady! Are you ready for your baby's arrival, your big day? Pack the hospital bag for you, your birth partner, and the baby. The baby may arrive any time after the 38th week. Be prepared. Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag for your baby, you, and your partner? So where to start? You definitely don’t want to leave out any essentials, but there’s also no reason to overdo things, which is why we have this ultimate hospital bag checklist. Read on, for when to pack that hospital bag and what to put in it. Here's the checklist that will help you pack your pregnancy hospital bag and help you be sure to have everything that you need for the baby, your birth partner, and yourself.

When to pack the hospital bag?

You can start packing any time after the 35th week as the baby may arrive any time after the 38th week. By all means, start earlier, when to pack a hospital bag is up to you! But it’s a good idea not to leave it for later than 38 weeks. You will want to have that hospital bag ready to go whenever the baby is.


There are a few things you want to keep in mind for your hospital bag:

  • Being comfortable
  • Emergencies
  • What you genuinely NEED
  • What would be nice to have
  • Baby essentials
  • Things for your partner


1. Lightweight dressing gown

A soft dressing gown is useful for walking around during labour, or later if you spend some time in the hospital.

2. Maternity lingerie

Pack several pairs of comfortable maternity lingerie that you won’t mind getting messy, and that is large enough for those maternity pads. Alternatively you can also carry some disposable underwear to keep it fuss-free.

3. Nursing pillows

Your hospital will provide you with pillows, but they might not be the right kind for you. If you have your favourite nursing pillow, then it can’t hurt to take it along as well.

4. Nursing tops

The nursing tops will allow comfortable access to your breasts for breastfeeding. You can pack a tank top too. 

5. Nursing pads

Breast pads, which are also called nursing pads, are a great way to absorb leaks and keep your clothes clean and dry. You can use breast pads by placing them properly in your bra.

6. A diaper bag

You can dump in here everything that is not required.

7. Earphones for killing those long hours

This will help you pass your time so pregnant ladies download your favourite playlists.

8. Dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo will help your hair feel fresh without even washing.

9. Socks and Flip flops

The hospital floor might be dirty and your feet may get cold. Pack your comfy socks and slippers NOW!!!

10. Files: 

Keep your medical records ready, so that your doctors can easily see your medical history. Your hospital may require some form of ID, any medical cards, and insurance documents upfront, so make sure you have a copy of these readily available.

11. Lip balm

Your lips can get chapped during labour. Having some lip balm on hand will help hydrate your lips.

12. A shawl

Post-delivery, you might feel cold. Keep a shawl handy to give you the comforting warmth you deserve and keep the chills at bay.

13. Others

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorants, make-up hair ties, a comfy yet beautiful dress which you can slip into as you return home from the hospital.


1. Set of New-born Diapers

Pack about 20 to 30 new-born diapers. Your baby might get through 10-12 diapers each day, so start stocking up.

2. A pack of Baby Wipes

New-borns’ skin is particularly sensitive, so don't stock it up. See whichever brand suits your little one best and buy them.

3. Comfy clothes for your baby

Buy some comfy cotton clothes for your baby and make sure the baby is properly covered.

4. Mittens

Mittens will prevent your baby from scratching their delicate face.

5. Cloth Nappies:

Cloth nappies provide that extra comfort to the baby than the diapers so arrange for some cloth nappies too.

6. Baby Vests & Thermal

This will help you to keep your baby warm and will keep them protected.

7. Baby Bibs to use when you are feeding:

YES bibs are very essential. Get the soft ones that tuck up under babies chin, a lot of milk can spill out of the mouth and cause a sore chin and neck so always use a bib.

8. Toiletries

Toiletries may include rash cream to treat rashes and irritation. Some Oils and Powders for smooth baby skin. Baby shampoo to bathe the baby.

9. Other essentials:

Bed Protector Mats that will not wet the bedding, a swaddle to wrap your baby, a soft towel for the baby, A soft blanket for baby's perfect sleep.

With this checklist above, you’ll have your maternity bag well prepared. Once your maternity bag is packed, keep it handy, either in the car or by the door, and inform your partner about where you place it so you'll be ready when it’s time.

Did you pack your hospital bag well in advance? Share with us in the comments section below.

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