Be a Parent, not merely a Provider | Importance of quality time with your kids

Are you too busy to spend time with your kids? Then this article is for you!

In the constant race of making ends meet and keeping the house from falling apart, we as parents forget the quality time our kids seek from our end. Yes, providing them with the best toys, the best books and what not is also a part of parenting but nurturing them with memories made with you is also something you should give attention to.

Children are very impressionable and if they feel or sense that they are not being taken seriously or told enough that they are loved, that can actually affect them psychologically. Research says that kids who were given adequate attention and love in their formative years turned out more strong and mentally sound like adults.

But keeping their future aside, don’t you want your children to have stories to tell their children about how their childhood was? Yes, it is important to spoil them with candies, but spoiling them with love goes straight to their heart, which is priceless!

Let’s see how quality time with your kids is important! These two points can give you a better insight as to why it is necessary to spend time with your kid!

1. You are their entire world!

Children crave your attention. You would often listen to this phrase “Mommy, let’s play” and this often comes when you are overwhelmed or need some downtime. But the little bundles of joy lookout for these small pockets of time when you tell them a story, read to them, plan fun activities to keep their boredom at bay or read to them their favourite book.

You are the adult they look up to and most importantly, they love you endlessly. All they wish is to spend some time with you and fill you with curious questions about their time spent without you the whole day. This spending time together gives them an insight into how to behave as they also pick up your style, behaviour, and outlook. These small pockets of playtime also offer them life lessons.

Not paying much attention to them can be destructive to their foundation, and that goes without saying. If you find it hard to find the time, keep some time aside every day, be it thirty minutes or an hour before sleeping. It is okay for them to go to bed a little late one day but when they will go to bed after the time they have spent with you, it would make their next day rather their entire week, more sound and pleasant.

There will come a time when they all grow up and want time with friends, potential love interests or themselves alone, but when they are small and big-eyed, all they want is YOU! Apart from taking an hour daily, plan small outings as well, not taking them for ice cream or feeding them with pizza but something more interactive. It could be showing them your favourite play spot as a child, your school, college or hang out spots when you were a teenager.

Make memories with them to nurture your bond. This builds your relationship with them more deeply and passionately.

2. Weigh quality over quantity

Children today are super smart. They learn to unlock the phone before they say, mommy and daddy. What makes you think they don’t understand the importance of you going to work or when you are tired. Well, they do, if not completely, but certainly they get some parts of it. 

You don’t have to spend hours at length while you jeopardize your work and then your sanity because you didn’t finish your work, just go and slide into their bed before they fall asleep and talk. Maybe cuddle together as they fall asleep. Go for walks and have some heart-to-heart conversations with your little one.

You see, these pockets of quality time are the opportunities to make your kid understand the nuances of life in a playful manner. You also earn their trust, confidence, and love. They will surely come up to you when they are in distress, but before that, you need to build a rapport with them which spending quality times enables.

3. You are the only reliable adult around them

Quality time allows you to have more knowledge about what is happening in their life. If they are going to school then, this exercise will help you navigate through any difficulty they might face in school, or with any person in particular. Quality time is a bridge between you and your kid which makes it easier for them to open up. Because you are reliable and will never give them any advice which is against their greater good. Children can easily fall prey and if they rely on wrong people for suggestions, that can be very detrimental for their future.

What can you do with your child to spend quality time with your kids?

  • Walk

Kill two birds with one stone by taking a stroll with your child. Go to a park in your neighbourhood and just keep walking while you impart some wisdom without it coming across as a lecture, share some jokes about your childhood and this may lead to a heart-to-heart conversation with them. It has other benefits like keeping you and your child fit and they would inculcate this habit further as well.

  • Baking

Little cooking never hurts. Try baking with them and that will teach little ones basic kitchen knowledge and also you get more time to bond with them over something rather productive which you can stretch upto discussing over the tea when you eat those cookies or pie which you savour with them post dinner as a special dessert you two made together. 

  • Always eat together

Choosing to eat together is a great habit which will help you and your children to talk about the day. Avoid any screen at this time, no distraction just talking to each other and enjoying a hearty meal. A family who eats together stays together.

  • Talk/Read before bedtime

Studies show that children tend to share their personal feelings the most during this time, so a little pillow will go a long way and allow you to have more inner knowledge about their emotions and that is what you actually want as well.

  • Tidying together

Bonding over good habits is next level parenting and it will even assure your kids inculcate this habit as well which solves your biggest problem: them making a mess. If they will realize the amount of hard work you put into cleaning, they will never be making a mess. Even if they do end up messing the space, they will learn to volunteer in tidying it back to normal. You win both ways mom!

Quality time can be a great way to teach your children good habits just through casual conversations and simple routines. So now next time when your kid asks you to play along with you, don’t get irritable and take that as an opportunity to become more than parents to them! If you wish to know more about a specific topic on positive parenting, let us know in the comments below.

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