Babymoon Planning 101: How to plan the perfect babymoon!

Wondering how to do it right? We’re here with a quick list of tips and tricks to help you plan a memorable getaway.

For the ones who don’t know, let’s first talk about what a Babymoon actually is!

A vacation that a couple decides to go on post-conception, pre-labour. Let’s be honest, you really really need it. You’re about to begin a new journey, a new life involving lots of ups and downs, happy times, stressful days and a lot more! You very well deserve a trip to relax and get yourself ready for the exciting things & a bundle of joy coming your way. Let’s face it, transitioning to parenthood is not easy but spending time with your partner can sure make you both a lot happier and will definitely give a boost to your pregnancy journey. 

Are you still thinking? Get up and get ready for a fantastic trip, probably the final one before your new roomie arrives! Here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before planning your dreamy getaway:

1. Plan it at the RIGHT time

First and the most important thing before planning your trip is to check with your doctor if it’s the right time to do so! You don’t want to travel when you can hardly fit into the car or when you’re not able to do anything other than rest. As every woman’s body is different no one other than your doctor can suggest the perfect and the safest time for you to travel. Time it right.

2. Pick up the perfect destination

Firstly, you have to decide WHY you want to take this trip. To relax? To explore? Or for an adventure? Choose the right place depending on what you want to do but don’t forget to have plenty of rest pauses even if it involves only pregnancy-friendly activities. We’d suggest to keep it easy and simple, you don’t want to rush to cities after cities without having proper rest. Focus more on relaxing as your ”staying-up-late-changing-diapers” nights are coming soon. Also, make sure to check the weather conditions before landing up there!

3. Fly Easy

Before booking your flights make sure your airlines support pregnancy-travel, check their rules and regulations to know till which month do they allow travelling. It’s always better to carry a letter from your doctor conversing it is currently safe for you to travel. Make sure to book flights that are non-stop so that you don’t have to get uncomfortable during connections.  Also, try to book an aisle seat so that your trips to the washroom are not a tedious task.

4. Book the right room

Sleeping with a baby in your belly has never been easy even in your own house so make sure to book the perfect room when you travel. A big-big bed with comfortable bedding and plenty of cushions to keep your bump safe. Try to have your room near the lift so that walking doesn’t drain your energy. Also, booking a room away from the kid’s pool would be a more intelligent decision as you don’t want to give up on your sleep ALREADY! Lastly, make sure your hotel serves delicious food because we all know there’s nothing better than the comfort of ROOM SERVICE! 

5. Make an itinerary

Even if you’re not a planner, planning out your babymoon is a must! Find out restaurants, book-cafes, things to do and best places to visit so that your trip is as comfortable as possible and you don’t have to put yourself in trouble to search for things once you are there! Not that you have to tick off all that’s on your itinerary and follow it thoroughly but it’s always good to have one to fall back on it whenever you want to decide what to do next.

6. Choose peace over risky ventures

Even though you love extreme adventures now is not the time to go for it! Pick activities that are pregnancy-friendly in all ways. Relax on the beach or visit museums, buy tickets to a show or simply go for scenic view-rides. Focus more on love and relaxing rather than thrill and adventure. Let your itinerary give more attention to; talking your heart out, being calm, enjoying every moment & making memories.

7. Plan for Spa-time with your partner

Who wouldn’t love a good spa time? Honestly, some serious relaxation is all that you need to perfectly pamper yourselves. Book a facial or a couple-massage for you and your better half. Make sure to see which massages and facials are safe for pregnancy. Make it a point to enjoy every moment to the fullest. (You’re surely going to miss this time one year down the line!)

8. Keep track of doctors nearby

Make sure there is proper medical help available near your resort. You can simply call and ask if your hotel has a doctor on board or how far is the hospital to the property well in advance. Before leaving, consult your gynaecologists about everything and stick to the dos and don’ts suggested by her. Make sure she thinks your planned activities are safe and take any vaccinations if she suggests like flu shots. Pregnant women can catch some infections quicker and hence should take proper precautions before travelling. 

Now that you know how to go about it, Plan it right away and you can thank us later! How about answering a few questions before that?

MKB Team
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