Baby gears – what you should buy and what not.

When a baby is born, we mothers tend to get into compulsive shopping and buy everything that comes under the term ‘baby gear’. Well I did so. From car seat to a bicycle, you name it and I have it. 

But today while Mia is about to turn two and and I look at some of those baby gears not even used twice, I regret of having no one advice me.

So today I am going to give a list to all the expecting and new mothers out there. You can choose according to your need and decide. 

Babies out grow real quick so think before buying even if you have no financial issues because no body wants a cluttered house.

I am not including bath tub or walker in this list because it can totally be one’s choice and doctors don’t recommend walker nowadays.

  1. Car seat- There is a misconception that holding a child in one’s arms is enough protection. But that is not so. In a situation that requires you to react fast, you might not be able to protect your child. The only effective way of preventing a child from being thrown forward or out of his seat is to have the child secured. Hence I will strongly recommend you to buy this if you travel often with the baby. This wasn’t though required by us as for the first year we rarely went out and then when we started, our daughter disagreed to sit in it so it’s kept aside since then.

2. Play gym- Gross motor development is the most obvious benefit of gyms. They encourage babies to use and develop the muscles in their arms, legs, tummy, back, and neck. I will highly recommend this. I was very skeptical to buy it initially but it was a friends suggestion to invest in this and I do not regret till date. I bought this for Mia when she was 3 months and she uses it till now as she is about to turn two. In the beginning she would just look at the hanging toys and listen to the music but later she started kicking and holding toys and till now she enjoys it. So it was one of the best investment I must say.

3. Rocker/ bouncer- We got a rocker that has vibrations in it. It was really a life saver for us. Living in a nuclear setup is tough with a baby. So while I did my house chores, Mia used to play in it and the vibrations were so soothing that she often went off to sleep. Rockers do come in handy for a new born baby, as it will help you to put them to sleep, they can play with the toys while relaxing in the rocker swing and watch you work. Rockers being compact can be moved and placed anywhere in the house, balcony or the garden where the babies can enjoy the visuals.

4. Cradle- Swings or cradles are the most common baby gear that every household with a baby has. But it did not worked for her as this need was met by the rocker itself. It kept lying aside as she never liked to be in it.

5. Baby Cot- I was co-sleeping with Mia and did not felt like investing in it and I still don’t miss it. I feel it is less in demand in India where parents co-sleep with baby. However to each their own. 

6. Baby carrier- I bought an ergonomic carrier and it was a blessing too as we were into baby wearing since she was born. An ergonomic baby carrier supports the natural posture of babies, while encouraging healthy hip development. An ergonomic carrier comes with a wide, comfortable base that supports your baby’s weight so more of it is on her bottom rather than her crotch and holds your baby’s hips and legs in a frog leg or M shape. So if you really want to buy one, go for ergonomic ones.My house hold chores needed me and so did my baby. So working by carrying her around made things easy. You can carry your baby in these till their toddlerhood.

7. Stroller- This was the best investment made by me till date. But don’t buy the bulky ones as they will be of no use later. I bought a light weight foldable stiller. We also carried it to a trip where we could easily keep it in the back seat of the car. If you are flying, you can always keep it in the cabin luggage compartment. If you stay alone and don’t always go out with husband buy this because you will need it for the walk to the grocery shops or a visit to the nearby park. 

8.High chair- This is also one of the important baby gears that I would suggest to buy. From encouraging self feeding to reading this chair has come long way with us. We chose the convertible high chair where the whole thing can be converted into table chair and can be used till five- six years. Well if the family sits on the floor and eats then this one is not a must buy.

9. Bicycle – Don’t rush to buy one as you will only need it after the baby turns two years. But once the baby turns two, you will just love these.

Shalini Priya
I am shalini Priya. I have worked as a creative head for about ten years in television industry before turning into a full time mommy. I share my motherhood journey, raw and real through my Instagram handle mommahmiah


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