Priya Somani

Priya Somani, an ECCE trained teacher, certified Storyteller & Psychotherapist is the founder of 'Little Newton's Lab', a workshop based platform for children to stimulate intellectual abilities, build curiosity & foster emotional intelligence. She also co-founded 'Mitti Da Moh' which aims to connect children with nature. Her blog 'Child in Me' offers engaging content for parents and children. She is also a mentor at 'The Lighthouse Project' & 'Angel Xpress Foundation.'

Finger-licking Fun

“Feel the paper. Explore.” she said. I felt, I played, I imagined and I let myself out. I didn’t know what...

Tongue Tales

The first day at my Public Speaking Workshop- ‘Seek to Speak’ tested my patience to the core but, also offered me an ‘Aha’ moment.

Book Buff

Hey! What’s up? Friends? Since childhood, I have been trying to be friends with ‘BOOKS’. Well, I’m friends with them but may not be...

The Firsts!

It’s my first blog. It has to be special. These ‘firsts’ are so important and close to our heart. It is like an experience infused with...