8 Apps to ease your Motherhood Woes

Are you ready to find some new best friends? Here’s a list of all the apps that will help you with almost every milestone of your parenting journey and will make it more happy and relaxing.

Aren’t all moms at some point overwhelmed with the thousand questions constantly rising in their mind? How much milk is the little one having? How much is he sleeping? When is he sleeping? Why is he feeling cranky? Is it normal to cry constantly? Are you doing the feeding bit right? Is the baby feeding less? Is the baby feeding too much? We are sure you have been in that place, where you just want someone to come and give you all the answers that have been making this parenting journey so much difficult for you. Let’s give you the good news- There is something that can absolutely cut your stress into half. Give a mom the right APP and watch her conquer the world! Yes, you read it right. There is an app for almost everything which will have a quick solution for all your troublesome situations. You can now keep a track of the feeding, sleeping schedules and so much more! You can now relax and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s always good to have some thoughtful tips, detailed information and customised support at the comfort of a click, isn’t it? So let’s get started with the list of apps that we think will truly help you make life with your baby EASIER.

1. Glow Baby:

This could be your one-stop solution for all your parenting needs. From keeping a record of the baby’s daily activities to getting daily tips, this app does it all. The remarkable feature is that you can connect with your partner and take care together. It also offers growth charts to track your child’s height, weight and head circumference up to the age of 5.

Available for both Android and IOS

2. The Wonder Weeks:

It’s an incredible baby app which helps you keep a record of your child’s mental growth. It gives you an insight and allows you to be prepared for what’s coming next. Wouldn’t it be great to have clear hints of why your baby is extremely happy or suddenly fussy? It will considerably help you to understand them better. It offers a personalised weekly calendar of your baby’s cognitive development and also lets you read the bestselling wonder weeks books within the app.

Available for both Android and IOS

3. Today’s Parent my Family:

If you are looking for daily tips, delicious recipes, developmental advice or health information, this is the perfect app for you. It helps keep a track of naps, breastfeeding and bottle feedings, Additionally, it also allows you to make potty training more fun and rewarding for the kids. There are also gorgeous storybooks to record the family moments as photos, videos and a lot more.

Available for IOS

4. Cloud Baby Monitor:

This app is here to take care of all your ”Is my baby safe?” concerns. You can now keep an eye on your baby at all times. It requires two devices, one can be placed in your baby’s room and the other one with you. It will allow you to enjoy a live full-screen video and clear audio on the parenting unit. You can also talk to your baby, create your own playlist and have the app on multiple parents and multiple child devices. Lastly, it also allows the children to enjoy the exciting lullabies.

Available for both Android and IOS

5. Baby Sparks:

Wondering how to help your little one meet all the milestones perfectly? Here’s the magic app! It helps you with a daily program of activities that will aid development like, motor skills, language, social, emotional, sensory, cognition and self-care activities. It has hundreds of parenting and growth-related articles, instructional videos for each activity, tools to monitor your child’s growth and a lot more.

Available for both Android and IOS

6. Sound Sleeper:

Putting your baby to bed couldn’t get easier! This app helps in getting your baby to sleep quicker and more peacefully. It has a great section of white noises, soothing nature sounds and lullabies to calm your baby. It also has a sleep tracking option which allows you to learn your baby’s sleeping patterns. Basically, all the sleeping concerns are thoughtfully taken care of through this app.

Available for both Android and IOS

7. WebMD:

Does simple wheezing of your baby get you all tensed up? If yes, this would be the perfect app for you. It is filled to the brim with all the primary medical knowledge that you’ll need while taking care of your little one along with all the other regular baby app benefits like feeding tabs, diaper recorders, sleep trackers and photo albums. This app also educates you about the necessary vaccines and the baby-doctor visits with solutions for illness and emergencies.

Available for both Android and IOS

8. Baby Pics:

Who wouldn’t love to capture the baby’s FIRSTS? The first time he crawls? The first day of school and so much more. This is the ideal app for saving the memories of a lifetime. Through this, you can easily capture your favourite pregnancy and baby milestone photos. It also allows you to add text or artwork and share it with your loved ones.

Available for both Android and IOS

These apps will not only help you solve the puzzling and distressing situations but will also lend you answers and thoughtful solutions to lead a better and more productive life with your baby. Now don’t shy away and tell us one thing that helps you make your parenting journey a bit more peaceful?

MKB Team
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