7 Kid-friendly Holiday Ideas in India

Wondering which are the best places to travel with your kids? Stress not, MomsKnowBest is herewith a list of exciting destinations that involve a perfect blend of information, adventure and entertainment for your little ones.

Summer is around the corner and holidays have already begun. Could there be a better time to plan the perfect family trip? We think not. If you haven’t booked your annual holiday yet, let us tell you a little about 7 Indian getaways that can’t be missed. It will not only help you bond better with your little one but will also give them a break from the boring routines and tiresome classes. They will gain knowledge about a new place, will experience new things and will have a more happy and refreshed state of mind. But wait, while planning a trip with your kids it’s important to make sure that you have chosen the perfect destination. Thinking about what you should be looking for? Holidaying with kids should be the perfect mix of adventure, fun, relaxation, knowledge and should involve plenty of practical experiences if possible! Keeping this in mind, let’s get started with the fascinating child-friendly spots in India that we think every kid will fancy.

1. Darjeeling:

Other than the breathtaking views, what makes Darjeeling truly welcoming for the kids is the Toy Train Joyride. It takes you through the views of the Himalayas, crossing the villages and local shops while the village people kindly smile back at you. Imagine what a beautiful experience that would be! Darjeeling also boasts a zoological park, which is packed with high altitude-unique animals. Wouldn’t kids love to see Snow Leopards, Siberian Tigers, Yaks and Red Pandas? We are sure they will! There are also horse rides, boating, ropeway, parks and museums for the kids to experience.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

It is the ideal place if you are searching for a perfect combination of nature and adventure. Along with the beautiful beaches, Andaman and Nicobar offer a bunch of kid-friendly activities like snorkelling, glass boat ride, cruise rides, swimming, playing by the beach, scuba diving, sea walking and so many other water sports that kids are sure to love. Cellular Jail and popular museums of this place cannot be missed when travelling with your kids.

3. Mahabaleshwar:

It is the perfect place to be at taking into consideration the numerous interesting family-friendly activities that can be enjoyed here. Mahabaleshwar is home to several picturesque viewpoints, gardens and most important to kids- chocolates and cheese factories. The Mapro garden would truly be a surprise to the children. They can pick strawberries, can see how chocolates are made and can even buy some for themselves. Echo garden is another thing that children are sure to love because of the unusual experience that this place provides. Children can enjoy experimenting with their own voices and receiving echos back from the massive mountains. Horse riding and boating can also be enjoyed.

4. Udaipur:

Udaipur is a place rich with culture and history, making it a great destination for a family getaway. The well-known Udaipur museum perfectly showcases the inspirational cultural background of our history, while the boat ride in the peaceful lake allows you to beautifully reconnect with nature. The most interesting part is the Light and Sound Show that is truly a treat to the eyes and to the mind. Not only children but adults are sure to enjoy it too. Other major tourist spots that will attract the kids are Lake Pichola, Vintage Car Museum, Tree of Life and Helicopter Joyride.

5. Jim Corbett National Park:

It is a place that unquestionably lets the kids break free from boring routines, connect with nature and watch animals in their natural habitat. It involves a refreshing ride which gives the children a chance to witness the wildlife, watch beautiful birds and indulge in adventure activities. A jeep safari or an elephant safari is something that your little ones might love. Other adventure activities like river crossing, rappelling, swimming, rock climbing and camping can also be experienced.

 6. Gulmarg:

This beautiful destination is sure to lend experiences of a lifetime to your little one and you. Many activities can be enjoyed in this powder paradise and snow-covered mountains like sledging, riding on the Gondola, skiing and simply laying in the snow! Who wouldn’t love to have a little snowball fight or make funny-looking snowmen? This place allows you to spend some fun time in the snow with your adorable kids which you, unfortunately, won’t be able to encounter in the noisy city life. You are sure to bond stronger with your little kids and come back with a bucket full of crazy snow memories and happy pictures.

7. Amritsar:

Are your kids the ultimate foodies? If yes, Amritsar is a heaven for them and you too. Along with experiencing the beautiful and most peaceful Golden temple, Amritsar also allows the kids to feast non-stop on the local delicious food of the place. From chole bhature to lassis to halwas and mithais they can experience it all and a lot more! The kids will also get an opportunity to meet eyes with Jallianwala Bagh which opens the windows for history and knowledge, they can also see the India-Pakistan border and experience the praiseworthy parade. Adults can enjoy some shopping for colourful juttis and stunning phulkaris.

Now that you’ve read about all the preferred places, involve your kids in the trip planning activities and start picking your favourite destination. Letting them be a part of the planning process will give them a chance to learn new things and will boost their confidence. 

Pro Tip: Don’t flood your itineraries with plenty of activities, keep it simple, realistic and equally adventurous.

If your kids are artistic, help them get a travel book or a scrapbook ready for the trip, this will allow them to cherish memories even after long years. You can also pack some favourite toys and books to keep them engaged during the travel period and long halts. Travelling with kids is as challenging as it is exciting so be prepared and don’t forget to pack according to your baby travel checklist. If you are well-armed with all the baby essentials, nothing can stop you from having the best family trip!

Now, how about sharing with us your favourite travel memory?

MKB Team
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