7 essential soft skills your child needs to learn to get ready for the real world.

Your children might know how to prepare a sandwich or how to keep their bookshelf clean, but is that enough to thrive? To face the real world, to succeed and to be happy, you need to instil in your children the right soft skills at the right time. MomsKnowBest is here with a list of essential soft skills and easy ways to teach them. 

Wondering what exactly comes under the soft skills umbrella?

Let us make it more transparent for you. Soft skills are a combination of social skills, communication skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence, problem-solving attitude, and people’s skills. Most of these skills, if taught at the right time, make the children more confident, smart, understanding, self-dependent and ready for the future. 

Why should all this be taught at an early age?

In the younger years, children’s minds are as mouldable as clay. Everything that you teach them good or bad, stays concrete with them for the rest of their lives and hence it’s the right time to educate their minds with all the necessary soft skills to help them effortlessly lead a more confident and flourishing life. Remember to be consistent in the teaching.

Now let’s discuss the most valuable soft skills which your children may or may not learn at schools:

1. Communication:

Teach your child how to speak to others clearly, confidently and concisely. Make them learn the art of eye contact, trust us it makes a whole lot of difference when a kid learns to maintain decent eye contact while communicating. Don’t forget, listening is as important as talking when it comes to communication.  There’s no denying the fact that you need to be a good listener if you want to be the best speaker. Always, follow the rule: Listen to understand and not just to reply. Expressing in the right way and holding a good body language is also a couple of essential aspects of interaction. If your children have mastered the communication game, just know that they are almost ready for the real world.

2. Instilling confidence:

Let your kids know that they are capable of doing everything if they set their mind to it. Teach them to TRY, to work hard and to work smart. Let them know you appreciate their efforts to do things more than anything else. When they do not fear failure, their confidence will boost significantly. This will not only develop higher self-esteem in kids but will also help them grow gracefully.

3. Make them learners and teach them to think:

Don’t serve your kids everything on a platter, give them some food for thought and let them use their own brains to figure things out. Teach them to become lifelong learners who are curious about acquiring new skills and gaining new knowledge. Let them try new things and learn from their experiences. 

4. Teach them relationship building:

One of the most important soft skills is to learn the art of building connections with others. Teach your kids to make friends and maintain bonds. In this technology-driven world, children should know how to communicate face to face and build rapport with the people around them. Let them be involved in team activities and work on projects collectively. This will make them comfortable, confident and will teach them how to interact and mingle with others. 

5. Teach them to greet:

Greeting people with respect and kindness is of utmost importance. Practice simple questions like ”Hello, how are you?” and easy statements like ”I am fine, thank you, ”It was nice meeting you”, ”Have a great day.” Watching you use these statements every day will help them grasp them more naturally, making them more confident and help them communicate easily with the people that they meet. Using the golden words like ”Please”, ”Thank you” and ”Sorry” at the right time can help immensely.

6. Teach them empathy:

Understanding others and their situations is very important. Kids from an early age should learn to see things from other people’s perspectives too. This makes them humble and easy to bond with. Engage in activities to help them understand other people’s pain, difficulties, and happiness.

7. Develop a problem-solving attitude:

To be optimistic and have a problem-solving approach towards life is extremely important and should be inculcated in the children’s minds from an early age. It’s the secret mantra to a happy life and is the greatest gift that you can give to your little one. Teach them that every problem can be solved, if thought about carefully and calmly. This will help get rid of the fear of the unknown and develop the strength and confidence needed to face every difficulty with ease. 

Now that you know of all the soft skills, combine it with the hard skills and show your children the way to success. Children might take time to learn these skills, so don’t rush, be patient and teach one thing at a time and before you realise it, they will be ready for the future! Don’t forget children majorly follow the footsteps of their parents and your good behaviour will strongly encourage them to develop the same. So be polite, use kind words and always promote good manners.

What according to you is the best way to instil the soft skills in your children? Let us know in the comments below.

MKB Team
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