5 ways to Love your pregnant body

Are you struggling to feel good about your pregnant body? Fret not, we’re here with some quick suggestions to make your not-so-easy days a lot happier. 

Pregnancy is a gift of a lifetime and one amazing journey that changes you in unimaginable ways, but it’s true that no great thing ever came without struggles. With the feeling of unlimited happiness and gratitude comes along a bucket full of mental and physical changes. Besides the hormonal changes, morning sickness and mood swings the toughest thing is to constantly love your ‘growing body’. On some days you feel like you’re the luckiest and the most beautiful person alive and on other days getting out of the bed and accepting your changed body might be the hardest thing to do.

No matter how tough it could get, pregnancy is surely a reason for celebration! So let’s figure out some easy ways to help you feel better about your body and to let you enjoy the incomparable happiness that this phase of life has to offer.

1. Celebrate your purpose

It’s important for you to remember that you’re going to give birth to a ‘human being’. You’re creating an all-new person, is that to be considered any less than magic? The unexpected pain, unbelievable body changes, and unexperienced emotions, nothing can take a toll on you if you start appreciating and celebrating the sense of creating a LIFE. Do all that you love, sit back, relax and enjoy every part of the process but be ready to welcome the changes with open arms. You must know it’s all going to feel worth it, the very first time you will hold your little one in your arms. 

2. Embrace the change.

We wouldn’t lie. Not everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies. Your favourite pair of denims are going to get tighter, bra size bigger, hips wider and hair thinner. All you got to do is ACCEPT the change. Be prepared for all that’s coming your way and sail through it with utmost confidence, a happy heart, and a huge smile. Trust us, everything gets easier when you adjust your perspective. Know that it’s not a big deal and it’s totally OK. At the end of the day, the stretch marks can fade, extra weight can be shed, skin can be healthier, hair can grow thicker and you can get better. Most of the pregnancy changes are temporary and can be worked upon whereas the ones which are not should be accepted with nothing but utmost grace. After all, it’s gifting you a new journey that is totally worth it: MOTHERHOOD.

3. Don’t forget to pamper yourself.

Are you shying away from scheduling your maternity photoshoot? Just, DON’T. You might feel awkward at the start, uncomfortable to pose with your bump and less confident in your own body but just think about how beautiful this time of your life is. How a simple photoshoot can help you treasure these moments forever. So don’t think twice, dress up, paint your nails, put on that lipstick and go for it! (This photoshoot might just make you feel so much better about your growing body!) Another thing you could do to pamper yourself is Maternity shopping. Who doesn’t love adding clothes to their wardrobe? And guess what! The human inside you has already started making your life better by simply giving you a reason to shop. Go out and shop all you want. Get that beautiful body con dress, flaunt your bump like a queen. Because, why not? This will help you enjoy your process, embrace your beautiful self and will boost your self-esteem. 

4. Focus on healthy eating & daily work out.

Remember to eat food that not only makes you feel better at the moment but is also good in the longer run. Pregnancy often comes with a list of most preferred food items and the ones that are to be sincerely avoided for maintaining good health for both you and your baby. Show your body the love it needs by following a well-balanced pregnancy diet (Consult your doctor for this). Include food items that give you proper nourishment and ample energy to sustain throughout the day. Don’t forget to hit the gym (It’s far better than sitting around and stressing all day.) Pregnancy-related exercises will not only physically strengthen you but will also make you feel mentally stronger and happier. Might even help you to fit in your jeans faster! Win Win!! 

5. Love yourself

For feeling good about your body, the most important thing is to have a happy mind. Amidst all of the pregnancy stress and body-image worries don’t forget to love yourself a bit more. On some days all you need to do is put aside your worries and treat yourself well. Read a book, plan a spa, watch a movie, go out with your loved ones and have the best time of your life. If you’re mentally at peace it will help you focus better and feel good about yourself in every way possible.

Pregnancy is truly a soul-satisfying experience. So, instead of feeling awkward about your body with a bump, practice positive thinking. Create a healthy body image, work on how you see yourself and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Know that it’s the most beautiful time of your life and enjoy every bit of it. 

If you’ve already brought a beautiful baby into this world and are now looking for postpartum fitness inspo, then check out the videos below.

Now, why don’t you tell us how you feel about your pregnant body?

MKB Team
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