10 Ways To Win At Keeping Junk Food Far Away From Your Child!

Is junk food the number 1 cause of your stress? We are here with some tricks to protect your child from unhealthy food.

Here’s a confession we overheard from one mother to another in the MKB Headquarters: “I was in a constant battle with junk food and I lost every single time.” After speaking to a few other mothers and doctors, we have learned a few tricks that have helped our mom tribe in protecting their children from unhealthy food. We are happy to report that our mom tribe no longer stresses about junk food ruining the health of our precious kids. And today we are sharing those well-kept secrets with all the fellow mothers so that we can beat our common enemy together: JUNK FOOD.

1. No Junk at Home

Remember the saying – “Out of sight, out of mind.” Do not buy any junk food when you go grocery shopping. If you are going to make access to junk food difficult for your child, he/she is far less likely to consume it.

2. Be a Good Role Model

We can’t stress this enough: LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Kids tend to form habits by observing and imitating others. Make sure you set a good example for your kid to follow. Do not consume fast food and encourage your kids to follow healthy eating habits.

3. Don’t Use Junk as a Reward or Bribe

We have noticed many parents use junk or sweets as bribes. “Beta if you finish your homework before 7 PM, mamma will call for a pizza”.

NO. NO and NO. These will not only make eating junk more exciting but will also send a wrong message to the child.

4. Involve your Kids in the Process

Take your children with you for grocery shopping and involve them in the chores revolving around cooking once in a while. Make it a fun activity, teach them to learn labels, cook simple recipes, make healthy versions of their favourite junk food.  

5. Keep them Hydrated

Often, kids confuse thirst with hunger. If they drink water at regular intervals, chances are they may not binge on snacks in-between meals. 

6. Cheat Days

Let’s be real. You can’t feed your kids quinoa salads, fresh fruits, and soups every day. Honestly, nor can I eat healthy all the time. There are times when it’s okay to indulge in junk food and go for that extra slice of pizza. Consuming junk food once in a while is all right if taken in moderation.  

7. Break the monotony of boring veggies, mix it up with some much-needed fun

Understand that kids tend to get bored with the same food very soon. Don’t keep feeding them the same kind of food every day. Try to experiment with your regular food and still make it healthy. It’s also okay to add a little bit of fat to the food. Don’t shy away from adding butter or cheese to the dish if it makes your kid consume vegetables.

8. Sugar-Free Treats for the Sweet Tooth Kid

If your kid has a sweet tooth (like most little ones), it may get difficult to keep sugar intake in check. Try to substitute refined sugar with healthier alternatives and make desserts at home using fruits as sweeteners. Trust us when we say this, they are not only healthy but delicious as well. Besides, refined sugar

9. Protect Children from Junk Marketing

Children are extremely susceptible to advertising and are major targets of junk food marketing. In many countries, parents are fighting legal battles to ban the marketing of junk foods to children. We all know what happens when our kids see an ad for a Happy Meal. Try to limit their exposure to such advertisements

10. Start Early

Make sure you teach your kids, the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, as early as possible. It may get difficult to change their habits later.

Believe us, mommies. It is possible to keep your child away from junk food and inculcate healthy eating habits at an early age. Follow these simple tips and tricks and keep beating junk foods at its own battle.

Once again, Mom: 1; Junk Food: 0.

Now, tell us. Do you monitor your child’s nutrition on a regular basis? Leave your answer in the comments below.

MKB Team
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